1. From the Chicago White Sox Ozzie Guillen:

    May 1 CF Nick Swisher and manager Ozzie Guillen were shown during Wednesday's broadcast taking turns talking to one of Swisher's bats. "He was trying to get me going again," Swisher said of the bizarre practice. Guillen's explanation: "I was telling the bat that it was getting me fired."

    I'm not sure why, but I find this hilarious. They were talking to the bat?
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  2. Some more odd ones...
    • The 1894 Baltimore Orioles sat down together one hour before batting practice and chugged glasses of turkey gravy.
    • Hall of Fame third baseman Wade Boggs ate fried chicken before every game. It worked: Boggs won five batting titles, two Gold Gloves, a World Series and collected 3,000 hits.
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  3. When I played ball in HS I had to tie both of my shoes exactly the same, like there was a mirror between my shoes.

    Also hung my hat on the same nail in the dugout everytime I hit and had the same routine before every pitch
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  4. There was a pitcher for the Cubs a few years back - Turk Wendell - he was quite nuts.

    Wendell is probably best known for his baseball-related eccentricities, which included:

    Whenever he entered or left the baseball field, Wendell would leap over the baseline.
    • <LI>Wendell insisted that the umpire roll the ball to the mound rather than simply throw it to him (If an umpire would ignorantly throw the ball to him, Wendell was known to let it go past him, or even to let it bounce off his chest, after which he would retrieve it from the ground). <LI>Whenever he began a new inning, Wendell would turn and wave to the center fielder and wait for him to wave back before proceeding. <LI>At the beginning of each inning, Wendell would reportedly draw three crosses in the pitcher's mound dirt. <LI>Once Turk Wendell got in a "who has more testicles" contest with Lance Armstrong. He won by 7. <LI>Whenever his catcher stood, Wendell would crouch down. <LI>When entering or leaving the field, Wendell would always take a tremendous leap over the baseline. <LI>Wendell would chew black licorice (an alternative to the chewing tobacco used by many players). <LI>Wendell often brushed his teeth between innings (some claim that he brushed between every inning). While brushing, he often hid in the dugout, either by ducking behind objects or by facing the wall. <LI>Wendell forcefully slammed his rosin bag onto the pitcher's mound between outs. <LI>Wendell wore jersey number 99, in honor of Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn, the main character in the movie Major League (played by Charlie Sheen). In addition, in 2000 he signed a contract worth $9,999,999.99.<SUP class=reference id=cite_ref-0>[1]</SUP> <LI>Wendell wore a necklace made from the claws and teeth of various animals he had hunted and killed. <LI>While in the minor leagues, rumor was that he drank only orange juice (no food or any other drink) on days he pitched. But he also claimed to drink four cups of coffee before each start. <LI>Wendell sometimes threw his glove into the stands when leaving a game. </LI>
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  5. ^that is a great list, I kind of regret not paying attention to him when he was in Chicago. I only remember him jumping over the baseline.
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  6. I remember his brushing his teeth between innings when he was on the Phillies. Wendell was truly an oddball.
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  7. The Phils have had their share of nutjobs

    On that '93 team Dave Hollins was a psycho and we've all seen what happened to Darren Daulton
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  8. Yea, "Mikey" destroyed an entire toilet between innings one time that year... <3 Dave Hollins.
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  9. I remember Kruk told a story that Dave Hollins threatened to kill Barry Bonds during the 1993 all-star game when Bonds started giving making fun of him pre-game. Thats when Hollins moved to #3 on my all time favorite players list (Dykstra obv #1)
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  10. Nomar with his stupid gloves always drives me nuts when I'm playing an baseball game.

    Jobu from Major League was pretty sweet.
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  11. In HS, when I was playing baseball I always would take my hat off and back on in btwn pitches, it was quite weird, and if I spit which was usually on the same schedule I had to make sure i kicked dirt on it - Now that I just play 16 inch here in the Chi, I do the same exact things..... Why, I don't know, its quite annoying, but I just do.....
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  12. I do the same thing as you Blackout, if i spit i kick dirt on it. I still have stupid supersititions, I spit in my glove and on the palm of my glove in between each inning. When I was in HS I never stepped on the lines, actually jumped over them. I've seen some really weird supersitions, I remember from the Little League World Series a kid who played left field ran to the foul line after ever pitch.
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  13. lol @ people still watching baseball...

    Do they do something while watching to pass the 95% of it in which absolutely nothing is happening?
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  14. In baseball it's generally considered pretty disrespectful to step on the foul lines, especially at an opposing team's park. So that would explain his hop (maybe a little eccentric though).

    My biggest superstition was no sex or jerkin it the night before a start (I was a highschool/college level pitcher too). My girlfriend hated it. It started with us being out Friday night and me turning down sex for some reason. The next day I pitched a 1 hit shutout. Luckily though you only start once every 4-5 games so...lol

    The thing about baseball more then any other sport I think is that sometimes you can just get in this groove like no other where EVERYTHING seems easy to you. If you're a hitter, you start going up to bat and the ball looks like a beachball floating to you up there. As a pitcher you can just hit your spots like nothing else. As a pitcher it's literally half 1/4 of an inch either way off of your release point is the difference between hitting the outside corner and throwing the ball cock high down the middle. If something is working for you, you just have to go with it, you don't mess with a good thing.
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  15. Did no one else notice this in the Turk list?

    Once Turk Wendell got in a "who has more testicles" contest with Lance Armstrong. He won by 7.
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    Originally Posted by Dr.GHouse View Post

    lol @ people still watching baseball...

    Do they do something while watching to pass the 95% of it in which absolutely nothing is happening?

    I watch baseball for about 5-10 hours every day, so GFY
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  17. I ordered the baseball package just so I can watch it all the time
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  18. GFM?!

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    Originally Posted by Blackout4 View Post

    I ordered the baseball package just so I can watch it all the time


    today sucks, no days games... I got the fever :(
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  20. Everyday my lacrosse goalie would make himself puke in the back of the net before a game. It was hilarious when it took him awhile.
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  21. You spend 20-40% of your life watching baseball?!?

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