1. lol, Billy Sims actually got work comp for his career ending injuries. Something like 24K a year.
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    So what kind of deal do you think he’s getting?

    Years, money and guaranteed money. You think he’s getting 5 years at 16 or more a year with like 48 guaranteed? Give me what you’re thinking.

    I'm not sure the details I'm not familiar enough with NFL contracts to guess. I just know that in today's league, Bell actually has some value and there's plenty of tarded teams out there that will pay him what he wants.
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  3. They’ve got a bunch of Billy Sims BBQ joints around these parts. Never eaten there. I see them in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. Probably in other states but I wouldn’t know.

    I guess he didn’t make a ton off of them though. He doesn’t run them. One of those things where he got paid to use his name. Place exploded but he has nothing to do with it. They just gave him like 25k once to use his name.

    Well. After reading, the wiki page doesn’t say what I said at all. They said he helped launch it. I’d always heard he didn’t have shit to do with it. Idk. Guess I was wrong.

    Celebrity net worth only says he worth 100k so something can’t be right. Have a hard time believing the guy who runs that successful of a business is only with 100k.

    I know he’s at all the OU home games hawking his autograph for a decent chunk and the line is long so he should be doing okay. You’d think with that and the restaurants he’d be worth a fuck ton more than 100k. Then again who knows how reliable those sites are.
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  4. It's a shame he got hurt, he's truly one of the greats.

    Another former Lion struck it big in the bbq arena with Bubba's Boneless Ribs (Bubba Baker). He actually went on Sharktank and got picked up. Cool story.
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