1. Teacher’s Aid/Teammate’s Mom, 38, Accused of Performing Sex Act on HS Wrestler in Stands During Tournament

    Is nothing sacred any more? Time was when they wouldn’t allow you to bring a soda into the stands at the high school gym for fear that you might spill it. Now we have reports of a middle-aged mom/teacher’s aid giving oral sex to a male wrestler in the stands DURING a tournament.
    (Doesn’t that weaken the legs? At the very least it might make your teammates jealous.)
    Anyway, this is a very complicated story, but basically it comes down to one wrestler’s mom being accused–at first–of sexting a 15-year-old boy, the cops investigating and then find out that she actually liked older men . . . around 17. And that kid allegedly got more than naughty text messages. How did Gallegos get caught? According to one report:
    By chance, the mother of another wrestler had received a text message from the same number, which belonged to a third mother, Laura Gallegos, who at the time was a teacher’s aid at Shasta High School. The mother told officials when she confronted her son about the text messages, he admitted they had been ‘sexting’ each other.
    In total, she’s charged with: two counts of exhibiting lewd material to a minor, three counts of contacting a minor to commit lewd acts, two counts of arranging meetings with a minor to commit lewd acts, one count of oral copulation, and two counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor with a three year, or more, age difference.
    Here’s the full story from the Willows-Journal:
    A Redding mother faces nearly a dozen felony sex charges in Glenn County after investigators said she had intercourse with an Orland High School wrestler on multiple occasions. Laura Michelle Gallegos, 38, a former teacher’s aide at Shasta High School, surrendered voluntarily to the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday, Sheriff Larry Jones said in a statement.
    In addition to the sexual relationship, authorities also believe Gallegos sent sexually explicit material to another Orland student, age 15, via cell phone. The Sheriff’s Office received a complaint April 11 from a parent of the 15-year-old in question. The woman, whose name was withheld by authorities to protect her son’s identity, said the Orland wrestling team was participating in a tournament in Reno, Nev., when parents first learned of the alleged relationships, Jones stated.
    Parents had been discussing their sons cell phone contacts when two parents realized both their sons had been receiving calls and texts from the same cell number, Jones said. “It was determined to have come from Gallegos,” Jones said. When first confronted, Jones said, the 15-year-old admitted to “sexting” with Gallegos.
    The boy reportedly told his parents he first met Gallegos at a wrestling function. Investigators later learned of a possible sexual relationship with the reported 17-year-old victim. The older boy admitted meeting Gallegos around March 11 in Red Bluff where he said they “engaged in sex acts” inside a car, according to Jones. The boy also claimed that Gallegos “performed a sex act on him” while seated in the stands at the wrestling finals in Bakersfield.

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  2. looks like the cougar's gonna get put into the cage.. GG
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  4. how long have you been waiting to use the cougar in the cage line?
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  5. ..roughly 5 minutes

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  6. thats a pretty crappy pic of her...i bet shes attractive
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  7. Legalize it
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  8. nice
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  9. "the victim?" if only I were so lucky
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    Originally Posted by UncleLeo View Post

    "the victim?" if only I were so lucky

    this has never been said before
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    one count of oral copulation

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  12. Boooom, winner
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    lol whaaat indeed
    i think that 'oral copulation' got out of "hand"...look at her left eye, wtf?
    stop thrusting so much lil fellas...let them do the work...these kids r gunna poke an eye out
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  14. bahahahahahaa she got a lazy eye out of it
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  15. must've got cum in it
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  16. am I creeper that I Fbooked the name for hope of more pics?
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    am I creeper that I Fbooked the name for hope of more pics?

    did you find any?
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  18. always good to read heart-warming cougar tales on a Monday morning
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    Originally Posted by MilBestDrnkr View Post

    did you find any?

    lol nope
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  20. Damn I hope the kid is alright. What a tragedy.
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  21. how the fack do these kids do it
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  22. Lock her up for good.
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  23. Reading shit like this really makes me regret not trying to hit on all of my hot teachers that I had.
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  24. kid fail for not covering for the sexting and admitting to the act of oral
    parent fail for fing up her sons fun time
    society fail for well society just fails
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  25. haha i literally LOL'd 5 times in this thread... Thanks for that... But yah Tekiller is right, these kids are practically the Sorel Mizzis of sex.... What a shame, in their case that is
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    Reading shit like this really makes me regret not trying to hit on all of my hot teachers that I had.

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