OT Cooking Thread
  1. Eat it w/chop sticks?
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  2. Why yes, of course with chopsticks you heathen
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    Originally Posted by LeftyMark View Post

    Decided to make a lasagna today.

    Cooked off my ground beef and sausage. Added some garlic, seasonings, tomato sauce and paste.

    Cooked the sauce for about an hour.

    Mixed ricotta, cottage cheese, eggs and parmesan cheese.



    Was delicious.

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  4. Could get the same thing at Cumberland farms.
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    Reason: Hanley Ramirez is playing first base. Lol.
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    Originally Posted by DONKWOOD View Post

    Goddayum that lasagna looks good. Might need to make my recipe again (in a crockpot lol....its delicious)

    Sometimes you just have these funny moments where you have to clarify the English language for Donk. What you mean to say is "it's delic-ish".
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  6. Have to make dinner tonight for some people and was looking for some ideas in this thread. Clicked on page 116 randomly and just spent the last 20 min reading the Jaybone vs Gloam grits debate.

    Forgot how hilarious that was haha.
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  7. anybody have a bread recipe they really like? I want to try a few different ones. just using regular grocery store yeast for now.
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  8. If you like whole wheat Myrtle Allen's Brown Bread is good. I like to add an amount of honey equal to the molasses called for in the recipe.
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  9. perfect. I actually have some whole wheat flour around. iirc you've talked about sourdough starters before so eventually I might have to pick your brain on that. thanks for the recommendation.

    I just mixed up a real basic loaf with bread flour and it's rising now. I'll post a picture later. the good thing is it used like 75 cents worth of ingredients so I won't feel bad throwing most of it out lol
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  10. Remember, even bread that sucks can be delightful when made into french toast.
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  11. lol that's a good point. just add enough sugar and fat until it's good.
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  12. fuck yeah I'm a baker. sucks because I really don't eat much bread but it's good.

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  13. That looks really good. A little honey butter and I'd be all set.
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  14. thank you. that's a good idea. I literally have half a gallon of honey from this hipster organic honey place, that somehow my mom knows them. best honey ever.
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  15. Eat it up. My wife swears by local hipster honey to keep her allergies at bay this time of year.
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  16. That looks like great bread to do a melt, Hank get on that!
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  17. mm I was just thinking BLTs.
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  18. Fresh blt go hard
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    Originally Posted by Autolobotomist View Post

    Sometimes you just have these funny moments where you have to clarify the English language for Donk. What you mean to say is "it's delic-ish".

    I don't get it
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  20. I just listened to a random Rogan podcast today and he had Tom Papas on. Tom was talking about his bread making craze and how he created a "starter" to use for Sourdough.
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  21. right, it's basically wild yeast vs. the store-bought stuff. you grow a yeast colony in flour and water and you keep it alive by feeding it more flour and water, as opposed to the active dry stuff in the packet that you bring back to life with water when you want to use it. that's how actual bakeries do it. a lot of places have their own starter that's been going forever and it's like their brand.
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  22. Looks good hank. First thought was lol. Doesn't look cooked. Sucks that fresh bread gets hard/dry/moldy faster than others but atleast its cheap. Fresh bread is killer. Eat more sandwiches. Don't forget the iceburg lettuce
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  23. Damn that bread looks so tasty. Just need a little whipped butter or honey or jam or jelly or peanut butter or Nutella. Fuck. Anything be good with that bread.
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  24. the lasagna and bread on this page are both works of art! well done gents
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  25. Got 3 lbs of Italian beef in the slow cooker will post picks when done. First attempt at making it not using a pre made mix of spices and such
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  26. ty URI, watson, and Waco. gl movietime.

    I made BLTs with that bread. was gonna have two but ended up stuffing the other half of the bacon in my face before I made it lol. first time buying this pecan-smoked bacon from my butcher. I'm a big fan now.

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  27. Not crispy enough. Would smash tho
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    Originally Posted by norcaljeff View Post

    Not crispy enough. Would smash tho

    Ha, next you'll be telling us you'd bang out a girl with pointy elbows.
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  29. I'd be willing to bet nobody in OT spent more money on bacon than I did last year. It's one of those things where good is so much better than just ok. Sadly I've switch over to turkey bacon in an attempt to prolong my inevitable heart attack
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