OT Cooking Thread
  1. Eat it then wait like 30 minutes. If you don't die, problem solved.
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    Originally Posted by rebelfd View Post

    How can you tell if a wild mushroom is edible?

    A book and a prayer.
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  3. Pizza Margherita. ~10 on a pizza stone on the grill ~500. Finished it off under the broiler for a few minutes.

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  4. FUCKIN A RIGHT. That looks great.
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  5. Too much oil. I'd eat it tho. No mushrooms ftw

    Lil More sause lil lest chees
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  6. looks good, rebel. just needs more mushrooms.
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  7. toppings are a bit skimpy imo
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    Originally Posted by Jaybone2315 View Post

    toppings are a bit skimpy imo

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  9. Beef Short Ribs and an 8lb pork butt. Went on about 2 hours ago, looking to eat around 2-3 just in time for the Masters broadcast. Tried a mustard base before putting on the rub this time. It all cooks off so you don't get the mustard taste but I'm just experimenting to see how it effects the rub.
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  10. I like putting mustard on my butt. Lloks good. Can't wait for some after pics.
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  11. Mushroom recipes? I usually just use butter or some oil, garlic and soy sauce. Tasty but been doing it this way for the last 3 months getting a little old
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  12. tbspish of butter; tbspoonish of minced garlic; saute garlic on butter for a few minutes

    add some mushrooms, baby bellas seem to work best, or sliced big portabellos, saute for 2-3 minutes

    add beef stock, wine, soy sauce; add this to your taste (soy sauce gives most taste but be careful)

    ill add a little minced onion and parsley as well


    play with above to taste; works great with grilled steaks/chicken or italian; sauce soaks up well in some garlic bread
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    Originally Posted by LVpokerdealer View Post

    Mushroom recipes? I usually just use butter or some oil, garlic and soy sauce. Tasty but been doing it this way for the last 3 months getting a little old

    I like them stuffed. You can make them ahead of time and just pop them in the oven. So many different things you can use too.
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  14. Probably the best piece of meat I've ever cooked.

    For scale
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  15. You should have a caveman themed party and serve those. Looks great.
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  16. damn Admiral those look awesome
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  17. mmm nice ribs.
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  18. More pork shoulder

    Open face cole slaw, vinegar sauce sandwich.

    Today was a good day.
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  19. Looks great.

    How's tha dog
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  20. a few recent ones.

    beef heart. super underrated:

    a boule I was proud of:

    sausage and pepper calzones. non-white trash version:

    cavatelli and sausage ragu. Amazon had gnocchi boards on sale for $4.95 so finally justified buying a piece of scrap wood:
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  21. nice, that gnocchi looks great! always love your pasta. don't think I've ever had beef heart, not sure I want to google that...

    I did a tri-tip last week sous vide 138 for 6 hours + a sear obv, but just a pre-seasoned one from Trader Joe's:

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  22. looks delicious. tri-tip is perfect for sous vide imo. it's just like a giant steak. glad to see it's working for you.

    it was my first heart. my parents buy a cow every year from one of their neighbors and they don't touch the weird offal-y cuts. it took a little work to trim off all the tough stuff but once it's trimmed you can slice it into strips and fry it up in a couple minutes. it's super lean but not tough as long as you don't overcook it. the flavor is somewhere between chuck and liver, but closer to chuck, if that makes any sense.
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  23. I'm happy to have contributed to this page, one of the best we've had in this thread.

    Made this on Sunday, squash and quinoa fritter, bacon, poached eggs and basil greek yogurt. Fiance made the fritters for dinner the night before and had a bunch of the mixture left. Squash, quinoa, flour, not sure what spices she used, then pan fried them. They came out great.

    If you guys with a sous vide haven't done poached eggs yet, you are really missing out.

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  24. that sounds damn good. I still haven't done the sous vide egg thing. not sure why not. runny egg yolks are the perfect sauce for so many things.
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  25. You should sous vide a whole pig in ya bath tup
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  26. or a Celtics fan.
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  27. Celtics fan would be good. Lots a white meat. Most are rich. Prolly good fat ratio
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  28. I may have my own kitchen again next week. I'm looking forward to contributing here a bit more.

    Admiral, Hank, thank you guys for all that you do.
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  29. Chag Sameach, started at 5:30 this morning.

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  30. gesundheit
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