OT Cooking Thread
  1. I pour it in while still liquid, right on top of the frozen layer from before. I have a couple funnels I use that make it easier but doesn't matter. obv don't let the stuff on bottom sit in the freezer for a year but you know.
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    Originally Posted by URI_Stunna View Post

    What part do you eat

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  3. So I got a very nice slab of Corned Beef -- Want to make Sandwiches out of it - Only sliced Rye with Grain Mustard and some Sauerkraut/Cabbage with Cheese - and eat it for a week.

    How is the best way to cook this ?

    The board on my GMG Pellet smoker went out sadly and it will not get above 174F with out tripping out and going into the cleaning cycle.

    I can Bake, BBQ on a Gas Grill or Crock Pot it .. What would be your method of this awesome slice of meat ?
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  4. i'm going crock pot. put a wire net under it though so you can pull it out in one piece to cool.
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  5. best method would be to get rid of the rye bread
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  6. Rye bread tastes like medicine.
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    Originally Posted by Cooker View Post

    Rye bread tastes like medicine.

    And he finally makes sense
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    Originally Posted by DeltaDan View Post

    So I got a very nice slab of Corned Beef -- Want to make Sandwiches out of it - Only sliced Rye with Grain Mustard and some Sauerkraut/Cabbage with Cheese - and eat it for a week.

    How is the best way to cook this ?

    The board on my GMG Pellet smoker went out sadly and it will not get above 174F with out tripping out and going into the cleaning cycle.

    I can Bake, BBQ on a Gas Grill or Crock Pot it .. What would be your method of this awesome slice of meat ?

    Is it still in the brine? If you have it vacumn sealed in brine then definitely look into soaking it to suck out some of the salt. I love salt and those things are way too salty. Bake it, that's your best option.
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  9. Made some sous vide filet mignon with cremini risotto and green beans.

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  10. Wow looks delicious.
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  11. Hey now there's a sous vide thread
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  12. Have this piece of goodness in the debrining .....

    2and and last wash from the fridge this morning ...... Going to put it on the smoker @ 174 for a spell tomorrow for a spell - as the GMG trips out on a board fault @ 175 - Then bake with Onions/Garlic/Sauerkraut with the fat cap up.

    Then make into sandwiches on Garlic sourdough and Cheese.

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  13. garlic sourdough bread sounds slammin. tasty sandwich you got there
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  14. sauerbraten, red cabbage, potatoes. marinated the meat for 4 days. like butter

    where are the gd pics, delta?
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  15. NCJ - My old PC is having as hard as a time of you getting laid currently - without cash up front Even !!.

    I have a new PC in the box I purchased a month ago - But i need to finish my taxes and file on this one first before I make the switch. This one is BARELY Limping along.

    Anyhow- It has been de-brined, patted down dry on both sides and is currently on the GMG Smoker that will no longer go more than 150F .... I gotta place a call to see if I need a new Board - Or if hopefully it is a thermostat problem (But I don't believe so)

    Anyhow - For tonight's DinDin.... Going to use this recipe for cooking - after I get some smoke into it - along with some Aromatics and Guinness X-Tra Stout/Brown Sugar for liquid. Using this recipe sort of ..... But I also am trying to impart some Smoke into it - Without robbing of it's flavor with the Brown Sugar and others.. ~~ http://allrecipes.com/recipe/231030/...-beef-brisket/

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  16. #Soon?

    I get laid on the reg. it's fun having a gf. yes, gf, not bf. jerks. lolz
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  17. Here is a Vid via PB ..... If it works. Took forever for my old dinosaur of a PC to get this loaded.

    I could do everything 5x faster working from my iPad or even iPhone - than this POS.

    Click on the link - I don't want to embed it. ~~> http://vid1157.photobucket.com/album...psa2rd8knu.mp4
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  18. I always forget the delta is the deep south lol <3
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  19. Just a 1 hour BART Ride to the East from Montgomery Station ... And Bus Ride into Antioch ..... Then a Walk or UBER - and then you can see and fish on the Delta as well.

    First Step - You gotta leave the City !! .There is a whole new world open to you - and on different plates.
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  20. Jeff- You want to go on a Double or Triple Date tomorrow by chance ?

    Dinner @ either New Mecca or EJ Brewery ... Around 1800 - Then around the corner @ the Pittsburg Theater @ $20 a seat to see Scott Capuruo.


    Comedy at the California Theatre
    Scott Capurro
    “There are some topics which just aren’t suitable for comedy. Luckily for us Scott hasn’t worked out which ones they are yet. He’s filthy, camp and utterly fearless. There’s also a huge amount of heart and intelligence at work in this show if you really listen carefully to what he’s actually saying.”

    Scott Capurro is an American comedian, writer and actor based in San Francisco. His comedy material is deliberately provocative, referring often to gay life and culture, politics, race and racism, and popular culture.

    Saturday, March 11, 2017 at 8:00 PM Ticket(s):
    $17/advance and $20/door - Reserved Seating

    Bring your chick - I will be there with my oldest son as the wife will be with the Grand Ma in her deathbed up @ Santa Rosa.

    Have a co-worker and her chick joining us possibly for beers, food and laughter as well.

    I can pick you up at the Pittsburg BART station and send you both back on your way... After an evening in old town on a warm spring night.
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  21. hmm...

    lol check pm's
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  22. Coming along well - Other than I am behind the clock of the Smoker not getting past 150F, Helping at the park with a parent and son how to pitch a baseball - After spending some time with them - I ran back to the house to give them a book "The Art Of Pitching" my my son's Catchers Mask from his days of Little League. They were blown away - I was just happy to give my time and love of the game. They said they will continue to look for me and I them when @ the field - And to expect something in my mailbox .. That made me sort of uncomfortable.

    I hate people to ever mess with my mail box !!

    Anyhow- Here it is off the smoker ... And added Pounded/Crushed Garlic, Shallots/Onion's, Pepper, Spices for top dry rub on top with a splash of Tapatio. Liquid was a thimble of liquid smoke, a shosh of worchester sauce and 1/3 of Guinness Extra Stout beer.

    I had to up the oven temp to 288F to play Katsup on the time table for tonight's Din Din.

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  23. FML- I forgot the Brown Sugar !!

    ....That Life of getting off work at 0500 and trying to stay awake all day after your last 12 hour night shift.
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  24. lol you were in the military? your times be.
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  25. I be blue collar worker ...
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    Originally Posted by LeftyMark View Post

    Made some sous vide filet mignon with cremini risotto and green beans.

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  27. Done faster than I thought after falling asleep on the sofa watching HGTV !

    Pulled and cooling down now...

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  28. nice work but you're a week early.
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  29. I LOVE Pastrami Hank !!

    Pulled - to chill out further ... And making a reduction of the Juices/Gravy as I type this - to then cool as well....

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  30. this is a sauce made with primarily shit people throw in the trash, people are dumb, dont be like people.

    you want to put 4 inches on your dick? keep your shells and bones in the freezer, I started saving all my shrimp shells and I've now got a 5" dick, which I've been told is adequate

    the key to making a good stock is roasting the shit out of everything, with shrimp/crab that goes double... I sometimes roast stuff in the oven then switch it over to a pan, but I'm a weird dude, roasting it all in one pot is alright, just beat the piss out of it with a hammer while it cooks so that you ensure every square inch of it is getting toasted

    this is fond, it is the backbone of your stock, do not lose your fond. You start your pot with oil, and you can add a bit as you're cooking if its looking dry and sticking to everything, but you dont want too much. You should be more or less constantly stirring at your pot to keep this from getting out of hand and burning, the best way is to have a bit of water nearby and whenever you see this happening, flick some at it, just enough to deglaze while you scrape at it with your spatula, you dont want to stop the roasting by switching to boiling, that's that bull shit.

    If I was making just a normal shrimp stock, i'd come in here with some veggies and shit, but this is a bit different so all I added was a handful of peppercorns and toasted everything to near burnt, you're going for dark amber colors, and the smell with sort of spike as a warning that you're getting carried away, its a delicate line between burnt and perfect, deal with it

    Oyster liquor may be tough to get your hands on, but if you know anyone who serves oysters at a restaurant, they're probably throwing away heaps of it, if you're ever doing fried oysters or something and buy a gallon of them, its just that slimey liquid you take off and throw out

    mix equal parts of that with worchestershire sauce, get this mean looking stinky slimey juice

    dump that on your roasted shells, along with several cups of lemon juice. i'd say 1gallon liquor, 1 gallon lea and perrins, 2 cups lemon juice, also a handful of thyme, a handful of creole seasoning, and a tablespoon of ground clove

    boil all that for a few hours, reduce by half or so

    push it through a fine mesh strainer, chinois if you've got it

    at this point it kinda tastes like someone wrecked a truck full of pepper into the ocean, add a bunch of fat to make it edible, 2 part sauce base to 1 part heavy cream

    boil forever, its gonna raise up several inches and probably spill all your hardwork onto your stove, or if you're a bad mother fucker you get it to sit right on the edge and stay there

    reduce to nappant, which is french for thick as shit

    this is not nappant


    this is nappant, its another spot where you're just going to have to thread the needle and deal with it

    you can go a bunch of different ways with it once you get to that point, but you do want to add a lot of black pepper and butter, you want the butter to go in cold (the butter not the sauce), and whisk it until it is all incorporated, its called mounting, dont be lazy and just put butter in there and let it melt

    you can cook anything in the sauce, shrimp is fire, I like to go full circle and serve it with oysters because just like that show westworld, we out here fucking robot prostitutes

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