1. My idea is for an OT'er to do the pokerhost/ facebook promotion for a ME seat. We then use the power of OT to win the contest.
    then do various stakes, and an epic rail....
    WAR is out.
    Mr. Blonde is out.

    I like the idea of Randers or Deoxyribo (i have no problem staking them)

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    Originally Posted by ripomatic View Post

    WAR. Do the facebook pokerhost thing with the OT shirt.
    Pretty sure we can we already did this.

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  3. worst FYP ever?
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    Originally Posted by Mr. Blonde View Post

    worst FYP ever?

    maybe. I have no clue what hes talking about, just know Ot sent war to wsop awhile ago
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    Originally Posted by mattg1983 View Post

    maybe. I have no clue what hes talking about, just know Ot sent war to wsop awhile ago

    Dont make me post all that BS. Google it.
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  7. Maybe we can find someone equally "deserving" this year.
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  8. A) I don't need a sponser, I am a machine now and can go myself

    B) dad is too sick and like 0% he will be well enough in two months that I would be able to go.

    C) there is big tournaments all the time in philly now
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  9. How about we send Nastysmell?
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  10. Wish your father well WAR

    I'm not opposed to being sent to WSOP. I voted Obama, I accept charity
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  11. Wayne Allyn Root?
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  12. Send Blackout4 because he's good and will be fun to party with....
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  13. I think we should buy someone a grill instead.
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  14. Speaking of that, did we ever decide if Mr. FHome or whatever is was was actually brothers with Chet or whatever it was
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  15. Nobody does more around here than Blonde, if we need a gag we can get him in a pedobear outfit.
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  16. Ya'll can my crippled ass in it. Good karma for all IMO. LOL
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    Originally Posted by Deoxyribo View Post

    Speaking of that, did we ever decide if Mr. FHome or whatever is was was actually brothers with Chet or whatever it was

    GHouse and Chaz...not sure but I think they were just good friends.
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  18. i will play, and it will be my last time in Vegas for at least the next five years. since that is the planned place to make the baby of course.

    someone stake blonde so his ass can finally go.
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  19. congrats on the baby!
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  20. i hate you all. no baby, i still need my torpedos till vegas
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  21. Where do I ship this?

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  22. I'll stake Mr Blonde for $50 to get the ball rolling.

    If we can get enough people to pony up I think Mike is sophisticated enough to ship the $$ directly to him through PayPal.

    1. Need a game to stake him into so we know how much it will take.
    2. Need the E-Mail address he's got registered at Paypal (ship the $$ under the "gift" option to avoid any fees).
    3. Need his approval.
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  23. wowswift had Another baby??! fuck. well congrats. well oiled machine in my humble opinion
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  24. My turn. I missed the last 7 wsops due to all kinds bs. Still never played a wsop event
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  25. If you pick me you can see what i look like and how i play. So if you like disappointment...
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  26. ill throw down $50 if we get this goin...
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  27. wowswift=childbearing hips
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  28. i got 50 towards swiftys new born. at this rate he will be old enough. and i am doing my best to play this year. will only be a 1500 or so but fuck this getting old and not doing what you want to. i'm looking for a room mate for the nasty moblie. we can change off on odd days for the front seat. no loud music or flatulence. first to call shotgun gets the window crank for the ride.
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  29. I'll be out there on the 2nd of June, or atleast thats the plan now.
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  30. Here's my crib for the summer muthafuckaaaaaaa's. If anyone wants to meet up or w/e hit me up. Been looking forward to this since I busted the main last year. Literally.

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