1. Ok...everybody has their own method that they think supposedly works...lets hear them!

    I need to pass a urine test for a job soon, and I havent smoked pot in almost 2 months, but yet I still failed a test I took at home...I was a chronic chronic smoker for about 10 years (as in, missed smoking maybe a total of 15 days in 10 years), and I am not a small guy, so I have plenty of fat cells storing the damn THC!

    I have tried a couple different things, but obviously they have not worked.

    So, lets hear what you have to tell me!
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  2. Whizzinator
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  3. #1 DO NOT MAKE IT THE 1ST PEE OF THE MORNING - u will def fail
    #2 DRINK...A LOT!!!!!!!! Chug a gallon of water or OJ or something
    #3 pee atleast once before leaving for said test.
    #4 Drink more water on the way there
    #5 your pee will be almost clear in color
    #6 IMPORTANT- Do NOT hold you pee for long....it has time to pick up whats in your system.

    Fail proof....i was a manager for a company, and guys I got high with that morning were passing the test that afternoon
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  4. my surefire method for passing all my drug tests is never do drugs. it's worked so far.


    but actually i have a pretty big friend who smoked pot over a weekend and then got tested when he came back to work ("random" drug tests at our casino ALWAYS happened after you had a long weekend or went on vacation). he passed, so maybe you will be okay? perhaps you did your at home test improperly? i don't know. i could ask around. i know a few people who smoke daily like that too, even if i've never done so myself.
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  5. 1st you need to realize that in every drug test they have a pass/fail conclusion to the test which cannot be used against you. I had a friend that passed several probation drug tests by drinking heavily right before the test. The alcohol kills everything that is in your urine and having sauce in your system can be explained by a previous nights work.
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  6. 1 question. Do you know someone that hasn't smoked that will give you a specimen?
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  7. Regardless of what people tell you, there are only 2 things that can make you pass this test (other than using fake urine/somebody elses urine). 1. Time without smoking 2. Lots of fluids, especially water (juices aren't any more effective). If you smoked a joint today, you could drink 20 gallons of water every day for the next week and you would still fail if they are using a good testing system (one that uses NGC stabilizers). So really just stop smoking, drink plenty of water, and you should be good. DO NOT BUY SYSTEM ONLINE THAT CLAIM TO CLEANSE YOUR BODY. They are mostly just cheap laxative and electrolyte substitute systems. Save the money.
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  8. 49.95 will get you "The Stuff", it looks like a sports drink and is available at any GNC store. They offer a money back guarantee if you can offer proof of a failed drug test.
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  9. We actually tested like 9 OTC products including "The Stuff" when I was in undergrad for a sports physiology class. None of them worked any better than clear fluids when it came to marijuana, cocaine, ecstacy, or heroin. And yes, we used real people (gotta love the free rehab clinic). A lot fo these products cover very well and fool the early testing methods, but with any kind of advanced testing system, your toast if you use these. Not like I really care, I'm not the one taking the test, just my two cents. Regardless, goodluck!
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  10. Its nasty as hell but one glass of vinegar followed by 32oz glass of water.
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  11. It covered up my heroin addiction pretty well.
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  12. vinegar doesnt work...cousin failed

    trust me....if my method doesnt work, you wont need a job, you need rehab
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  13. This is how I used to to do it when I was a teenager on probration

    1. Get someone too pee in a cup for you who has clean urine

    2. Get a small medicine dropper(like a turkey baster)

    3. Fill medicine dropper with urine

    4. cap medicine dropper ( I used to use the back end of the bic pens, fits perfect and no leaks, and I dont mean the pen cap)

    5. Keep Medicine dropper in pants near ballsack

    6. Squeeze medicine dropper slowly (you may want to practise this before going in)

    7. Make sure that the urine is kept warm as some places test the temperature( A coffee cup with hot water and lid works well)
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  14. Replace above mentioned turkey baster with smaller cleaned out elmers glue bottle follow with rest of procedure. Remember their is a temperature gauge on the side of the test cup. Rather have pee to hot than to cold. If too hot dip in toilet water to cool off. PREST MAGNIFICO!!
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  16. http://www.passyourdrugtest.com/kits/opt-duzzit.htm

    i have used this drink 3 times in the past 2 years and it has yet to fail me. i follow the instructions on the bottle exactly and drink a bunch of cranberry juice and water the 3 days before the test. once i smoked 5 days in advance of the test and still passed with this drink. only problem with this drink is that it is kinda syrupy, and once you down the full 32oz of it you must follow it up with 32oz of water 5 minutes later. you'll be takin a piss every 10 minutes for 2 hours after the test, but it'll be worth it.

    also, i beleive someone said this, the quality of the test u are taking is an important factor when considering trying to beat it.

    i refuse to smuggle in someone elses urine, no job im applying for is worth that kind of effort.
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  17. is it really worth all this effort? just stop smoking for a month
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  18. Knox Gelatin dude

    Get a 32 oz Gatorade bottle and fill it to top . Then after that pour in an envelope of the afformentioned Knox Gelatin. Close the cap and shake the shit out of it. Its gonna taste nasty as fck bust shit works dude. After u drink it fill up the bottle 1-2 more times and drink water with the remaining gelatin @ bottom of bottle. Do all this 1:30 min b4 your piss test. Make sure its your second piss tho since the first will filter the thc in your piss with gelatin and your second piss will be crystal clear lol. I did this in a test for walgreens at Quest Diagnostics and I smoked hydro two weeks b4 the test so it works dude. Be advised your going to feel sick but its a price you must pay for a drug test passer that doesnt cost more than 4 bux total. =)
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  19. THE WIZZINATOR PWNS you should def think about it.
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  20. The Wizzinator
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  21. Has anyone recomended just like, not smoking for a while?
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  22. Thank you to everyone who has responded so far, I have heard a couple of things that I have not heard before.

    But firstly, there have been like four or five responses where people say, DO NOT SMOKE!, if you look back at my first post, it says that I have NOT smoked in almost 2 months, but I still fail! I am going to drink a lot of water, because I know that helps...I will also consider some of the other things I have read.

    I am going to take a look at the whizzinator online, but don't feel too confident in something like that, but will keep my options open.

    But, if anybody has any other ideas, feel free to share them!
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  23. A friend and I smoked weed on a daily bases (this was years ago). He enlists into the Navy. We party right up to the night he leaves for boot camp. First day there he takes a drug test and passes. 7 weeks later his company goes on a one day leave. The following day he gets tested again and fails. As you mentioned, THC stores in fat cells. Pre-Boot Camp my friend was doing no physical activity. Boot Camp worked about 20 lbs. off him. The THC was brought out through physical activity, which caused him to fail the test. Note: Poppy Seed muffins or in other foods can cause a test to fail, too. The best solution I have for passing drug tests is "Don't Do Drugs". I've been clean for 13 years and taken approximatly 20 tests and passed them all. Haha, I laugh at companies who random test me.
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  24. Or you can be a real man and beat the system. Quitting is for quitters, are you a quitter?
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  25. To quit or not to quit? That is the question. I beat the system by quitting. I can drive thru a sobriety check point with a smile and no fear. Walk thru a group of cops to get into Frosty Freeze for a milk shake. Watch the drugies go in and out of the dealers house acting as if they are sly and laughing at there futile effort to be secretive. There is no fear of random drug tests and wasting time and energy to beat "The System". Oh wait! What am I saying. I'm missing out on the fun of carrying someone elses pee in my shorts!
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