1. LOL at trial today Pitino had to admit he jizzed down his own leg. And it only lasted 15 seconds!!!

    Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio has been all over this story.

    After a morning in which Matt described his behavior as “testy”, Rick Pitino has finished testifying in Karen Sypher’s extortion trial. Sypher’s defense team got combatitive with Pitino and dug deep into the events at Porcini’s. And, though they are not necessarily the types of things you want to talk about in front of a group of people, Matt said that Pitino handled himself well on the stand. Here are a few notes:

    - Pitino did admit that he paid the $3,000 for Karen Sypher because she need health insurance and that he arranged for U of L equipment manager Tim Sypher to provide the transportation for an abortion. However, Pitino remained adamant that the child was not his.

    - On their physical interaction with each other, Pitino testified that he did not plan on having sex with Karen Sypher, but he also did not protest it.

    - Pitino then dove deeper into the actual events of their interaction and said that Sypher asked him if he had a condom and he told her that he didn’t carry them. She told him that “her husband looked at her 4 times and she got pregnant so I pulled out”. The defense attorney then asked Pitino how Sypher could have gotten pregnant if he did not ejaculate. Pitino tesified that he did “down his leg”.

    - Pitino then testified that “it is physically possible” that he got Sypher pregnant, but did not elaborate further.
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  3. lolololol
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  5. obviously the most embarrassing part was admitting it only took 15 seconds. Hell even the kid on American Pie lasted longer than that lol
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  6. will be great to see some of the signs in student sections this year imo. too bad they dont play at msu as I would probably be there.

    Announcer 1 "pitino calls a 30 sec TO"
    Announcer 2 "thats long enough for him to do TWO chicks"
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