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    One option is to seek clarification with the employer. Best accomplished in writing and signed by both parties.

    Another is to seek no clarification at all and use the ambiguous term to your advantage (that is, unless your jurisdiction already has defined distance in these situations to be driving distance vs. "as the crow flies").
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  2. its weird to me that stuff like this becomes more than u and ur employer having a quick conversation like:

    employer: we ask that our employees live within 30 miles of the city limit for xxx reason.
    you: (assuming xxx reason isnt absurd) is that driving distance or as crow flies?
    employer: (answers one or the other)
    you: ok. i'll let you know if that is a decision changer.

    or some continued conversation discussing where it would be reasonable for you to live.
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  3. As the crow flies is absurd, he's not a mf crow. Miles is also silly, what about traffic? What if he tries to skateboard 30 miles to work? The only rational choice is time.
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    do you have to be 20 driving miles, or 20 miles from the two points when drawn with a straight line on a map?

    It's actually worded as "20 minutes" within being called upon
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  5. ambiguous discrepancies like this usually favor the person who did not write the contract.
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    doubt this, how hard would it be to google/mapquest the distance?

    more then one way to skin a cat tho
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  7. in Michigan you can be 30 miles as the crow flies and 6 hours by car.
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