1. I missed this debate last night, does anyone know online where I can find a replay of this?
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  2. I missed the Republicans too. The ABC website claimed it was gonna be replayed today, but didn't see it on the guide.

    I saw the Dems, so if only the Republicans are available that's all I'm looking for.
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  3. Me too . . . I just can't vote for a Democrat after that debate
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  4. I actually thought Obama's ideas on foreign policy (the biggest issue for me) were much more reasonable than I thought they'd be. I'm still not convinced that he won't be overmatched by the Putins out there, but I was suprised that his ideas internationally weren't as gutless as I thought they'd be.

    Hillary sounds more full of shit everytime she opens her mouth, hat a terrible candidate. God help us all if she gets in.
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