RiP Prodigy from Mobb Deep
  1. run up get done up

    but p from prison<<<mac dre. whole album on a prison phone.

    no offense
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  2. yeah the mac dre record off the prison phone is some real deal.

    Remy did a little of that shit when she was upstate and came out firing when she got home and dropped her ill verse on All The Way Up and then shethered nicki.

    that time away gets you ready to jump the starting gun when they open that gate lol
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  3. Back when MTV mattered a little

    that red Wu top is fuuuuuuuuuckin fire goddamm

    this was one talented room lol

    lol - Hav lookin at Nas, P, and Raekwon all lined up and is like 'yeah, ima sit this one out i think'
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  4. ed lover and the other dr dre>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>fab five freddy
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  5. Dre & Ed Lover were more the era of the shit I really love, but Fab Five Freddy is a pretty vital dude in both merging the graffiti and the music world in NYC as well as Yo MTV Raps.

    I'd take either Fab Five or Ed & Dre over anything that MTV shows right now. can't remember the last time I intentionally put on MTV - 15 years ago maybe? whenever those Real Worlds were before it jumped the shark in later years
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  6. well, duh. just sayin fab five was zzz but ed and dre haf
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  7. Such a sick sampling of one of the greatest songs of all time

    (off the H.N.I.C. 2 - special edition)
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  8. Just amazing that shit like this didn't even make it onto a regular Mobb record - originally dropped on the J-Love mixtape.

    This song is really good. Like really really fucking good lol

    It's P the exulted from NYC
    You get extremely cut the fuck up by Scar thee
    Who can't recognize? Do I have to prove all the time?
    And get up close and personal in front of your eyes
    See me dipped in down-low, ready for action, crept slow
    Moved on your enterprise and crash your stock
    Put a hold on your assets and dug your pop
    National Geographic niggas is known for flipping
    This animal wildlife surround me I live in
    And flow through the jungle at night on expedition
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  9. That gun would blow back so hard he'd think sickle cell was spicy Fritos
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  10. Yeah that thing is putting a dent in the wall behind it - person attached or not - so a dude like P is gonna take a beatin if he pulls that trigger lol.

    Man,with the combo of his pen and his voice & flow, P was in a zone from like 94 to '01/'02 that will never be seen again in rap. He snapped the fuck off on every track, studio album or mixtape.
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  11. I wonder how many times actual gunfight has somebody ko themselves. Those are powerful shit not to be just slung around. It hurts fat peoples shoulders to shoot big guns
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  12. I bet there have been plenty of dudes who fucked their shoulders up badly on the kickback and then got the shit beaten out of them with either fist, bat, or gun butted cause they can't fire with a torn shoulder muscle and can't even throw a punch or hold up their arm to defend themselves.
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  13. I mean if it's your first time firing it like most hood situations I'd assume I can just see that gun firing and the just flying off his hand. I'm no gun officinato
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  14. yeah very very impractical for projects gun battles where you gotta be squeezing off while moving. I could see if you are upstairs and wanna snipe into a group of dudes on the benches or the courts or something and want something that is gonna land with a big bang. But yeah if using that fucking bazooka is your first shot experience, only person that's gonna feel that shot is you.
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  15. Hard not to be the guy with that gun in ya crew tho.

    What's the science behind a sawed off. Not the kickback or easier to hide
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  16. yeah the big gun has gotta be a strong lure. lol, they used to stash like an entire army of weapons at Big Noyd's apartment. He lived alone with no parents cause his mother was in prison for slicing up some ex of hers, and they used some kind of fraud to keep the NYCHA from catching on that he was raising himself. So they called his place the Honeycomb Hideout and planned their crimes there and Noyd dealt drugs and robbed dudes at the Queens Center Mall to make money prior to getting into rap.

    Then in an ironic twist, Noyd ended up going to jail himself cause he shot a dude that was messing with his baby mama lol. cost him a deal with Def Jam who dropped him when he got busted
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  17. It makes it easier to conceal and handle. Somebody can't grab the barrel

    It also spreads out the shot more

    Spreading the shot out makes it less powerful which I guess isn't a good thing. Unless you want that. Most people wouldn't though
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  18. ah yeah the sawed off - don't really know much about them other than the kids like them cause they can be hidden easily with the clothing they usually wear anyhow, so it doesn't arouse suspicion. Don't know enough about guns myself to speak for how they fire or anything
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    Originally Posted by XXEDPXX View Post

    It makes it easier to conceal and handle. Somebody can't grab the barrel

    It also spreads out the shot more

    Spreading the shot out makes it less powerful which I guess isn't a good thing. Unless you want that. Most people wouldn't though

    Pretty sure it's close encounter uses. But is it better than gun x or is it just a hard ass type gun. Pretty sure if I brady some say that Darrell rolled up with a sawed off and smoked 4 fools trippin I'd say oww
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  20. 'Ambassador P' in the zone on this joint with Parrish Smith of EPMD and Fat Joe

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  21. Nice article on P from the Washington Post on his lifelong battle with severe sickle cell pain:

    By the time the rapper Prodigy sang what would become the most famous lyric of his decades-long musical career — “I’m only 19, but my mind is old” — he had already suffered through greater physical pain than most people will experience in a lifetime.

    Prodigy, one half of the groundbreaking hip-hop duo Mobb Deep, was diagnosed as an infant with a severe form of sickle cell anemia, a blood disease marked by debilitating bouts of bodily pain. It didn’t stop him from revolutionizing rap music in the 1990s with the group’s bleak, foreboding vignettes of street life in New York City. But in his day-to-day life Prodigy worried often about when the next pain attack would come and how bad it would be.

    His youth was disrupted by the chronic pain and frequent hospital visits, driving him toward drugs, alcohol and street crime as a teenager and a 20-something.

    “Extreme pain to extreme pleasure has been the story of my entire life,” he wrote. “That tremendous joy then pain then joy then pain again turned me into one moody li’l” person, he added, using an expletive not printable here.

    As a boy, he learned to feel the attacks quietly coming on — in school, with friends, waiting for the bus. He described how he would walk slowly to stave off the wave of pain sweeping over his body, and wondered if the other kids thought he was disabled. He said he learned to stay calm and not worry about whether his schoolmates were gawking at him.

    “A sickle-cell attack would creep up slowly in my ankles, legs, arms, back, stomach and chest. Sometimes my lips and tongue turned numb and I knew I was going into a crisis,” Prodigy wrote. “I was a very serious child who never got to enjoy life to the fullest like a normal, healthy kid.”

    Four to six times a year, every year of his life, Prodigy was treated at the hospital, with some visits lasting as long as a month, he wrote. As time passed, the pain got worse.

    “By the time I hit my teens, going to the ER was like going to war,” he wrote.

    In his early teens, Prodigy once attempted suicide, hoping to release himself from the grip of his disease, according to his autobiography. Though he was never suicidal again, he wrote, he was self-destructive for years thereafter, first dabbling in marijuana and alcohol, then abusing painkillers, cocaine and angel dust. He also turned to robbery, drug dealing and other violent crime.
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  22. Can't even imagine.
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  23. Prodigy the trend setter; this might be the first time someone from either the athletic or hip hop field introduced this to video; the 'feed me' spoon scoop that Zeke Elliott now rocks on a regular basis; P put that on film more than 20 years ago....he would be responsible for adding it as a thing, but he may very well have invented it right here.

    0:30 - 0:35 or so.

    RIP P The Creator
    RIP Trend Set Houdini P

    still feels like he just passed yesterday. sigh
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  24. Coming up later...the true story of when Mobb Deep bought a mansion sized house for P, Hav, Infamous Mobb, and some QB friends and family to live in together, and someone ended up getting shot........over a chicken wing.
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  25. That isn't a very amazing story. I assumed that would happen half-way thru your post.
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  26. From the greatest opening line writer in rap history, here is another cold blooded opening gem:

    I open my eyes to the streets where I was raised as a man
    And learned to use my hands for protection
    In scuffles, throw all my blows in doubles
    I'm coming from Queeeeeens motherfucker carrying guns in couples

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  27. Mixtapes don't get any better than P's DJ Whoo Kid HNIC 1.

    P and Noyd at 14:40 gettin ill on Locked Up Shit - Noyd snapped off.

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