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    I have no evidence that it is a choice. All I am asking is that others concede the fact that they do not have any evidence that it isnt a choice. This is purely an emotional issue in my mind, and that is why people get so heated. I at least admit the fact that my opinion is totally based on emotions. As soon as someone like myself expresses a viewpoint on this issue that is different, and expresses that opinion without attacking anyone, you get blasted. Now I am not specifically reffering to you, but you can read this thread and see for yourself.

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    I understand your point, but I just disagree. I dont believe it is a civil right, because it is (in my opinion) a choice. We make rules on lifestyle choices all the time. That doesnt mean we should ban everything that a majority of people dont like. Prostitution is a lifestyle choice and in most places in this country it is illegal. Now I dont think that makes me a prostitutionaphobe. I dont have some deep seeded hatred for these people. The fundamental difference is that you believe you are born gay, I dont. You do not have any concrete evidence to prove your point, I have no concrete evidence to prove my point. But you are a defender of civil rights and freedom for everyone, and I am an ignorant asshole homophobe that secretly wants to engage in homosexual acts myself.

    Just because one potentially isn't born gay does not mean that being gay is a choice. At no point in your life or a gay person's life do they choose who they are attracted to. It just happens. Whether it is a result of nurture or nature is irrelevant. The fact is that sexual attraction is not a choice.
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  2. QUOTE=dixiecrat88;6766133]I am not really sure. I guess I would say that they don't choose. Mainly because they dont really have the ability to reason like human beings can.[/QUOTE]

    So if they don't choose then it must be a natural instinct?
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    I am Catholic.

    Do you give monies to the Catholic Church?
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