1. One of my favorite things in life is spicy food. I eat spicy shit on everything. I use ground cayenne constantly. I have a multitude of hot sauces, many of which contain habanero peppers. The hotter the better.

    Friday night I got Buffalo Wild Wings to go. I got a buffalo ranch chicken wrap, and I substituted the Medium sauce for Blazin sauce. They put so much freaking sauce on it, the chicken was swimming in sauce. Like they had to use a half bottle on the damn thing. It was as hot as shit, and I could only eat 1/2 of the wrap. Its like the cooks were just being assholes tyring to put as much of the Blazin sauce as possible on it.

    A couple hours later my skin starts itching. I figure its just dry skin from the weather so I put some lotion on it and forgot about it. I went to bed a couple hrs later. At about 3am I woke up itching so bad I could hardly stand it. I also started having really bad chest pain/heaviness. I wasn't really short of breath, but it felt like I couldn't get a deep enough breath. I thought it was just in my head and I just sorta was able to tell myself to chill and that it would go away. It finally subsided enough to where I could sleep.

    The next morning I woke up itching like shit, and I had a rash on my arms. I took some benadryl and they got better. At this time, I figured I had some weird reaction to something--I didn't know it was to the food.

    Last night, we got takeout Italian food. I put my standard cayenne pepper all over the fettuccine and some Spontaneous Combustion habanero sauce on the red pasta. An hour or so later, I start itching again. It wasn't bad as the day before, so I just ignored it. The next morning (today) I woke up itching again and had hives EVERYWHERE. Big red skin wheals all over my chest, stomach, back, etc. I took benadryl and it got better.

    The only thing I had to eat in common the two nights was alcohol and spicy shit. I had a few beers Friday night and some mixed drinks Saturday night. So I figured it was the hot sauce/pepper that was causing it. I did some research, and come to find out that occasionally adults can develop food allergy. It can also happen after you over eat a certain item. I am certain that I am allergic to capsaicin, the chemical that causes spicy food to be spicy.

    My brother-in-law's dad is an Allergist, and I called and talked to him and he said it has to be that. I'm going to go into his office and get tested to make sure. He said really the only treatment for food allergy that works well is avoidance. I am totally bummed, because I eat something spicy literally almost every single meal.

    Just to test my hypothesis one more time, I had some fried rice today for lunch and put some Sriracha on it. Sure enough, not long after I started getting itchy with really bad chest tightness/presssure/pain. I just took some benadryl and it got better.

    Fuck, I am so depressed about this. I really don't think I can go w/o spicy food. Hopefully I'll be able to get some sort of desensitization treatment or something.

    Suggestions? Does anybody else in OT have food allergies? Is there anything you do to allow yourself to eat what you are allergic to?

    pic of my back/side

    CLIFFS: I love spicy shit more than any food category. I eat something spicy nearly every meal. I love it so much I overdosed on it and developed a severe allergy to it, and now I can't eat it.
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  2. suuuuuucks
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  3. That's brutal. I use an absurd amount of cayenne on everything as well.
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  4. Take benadryl after every meal?
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  5. Buy more Benadryl.
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  6. ouch. have a friend that is allergic to cheese/dairy. it sucks.
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  7. as a person who also loves spicy/hotter the better, i cannot imagine going without that delicious zing that spicy food leaves in your mouth

    that is just fucking unholy, WHY TEBOW? why have you forsaken mupp?

    food will never taste the same ever again, everything you eat you will be tempted to add that zing.

    gl with that
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  8. I couldn't imagine not being able to eat spicy food, I love it so much
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  9. pics of mrs mupp or gtfo
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  10. wow man thats shitty. one of my friend's dads developed an allergy to alcohol at around 55. he used to be a big drinker and was always the life of the party, now it just sucks.
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  11. Ouch =[
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    Originally Posted by clemsonrich View Post

    wow man thats shitty. one of my friend's dads developed an allergy to alcohol at around 55. he used to be a big drinker and was always the life of the party, now it just sucks.

    Wow, I hope this doesn't happen to me.
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  13. That is truly awful. I don't think I could handle that. Not a cool story, bro.
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  15. That sucks so bad. No way I could live life without spicy food. I think burning is the only flavor I truly enjoy. Good luck with the allergist.
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  16. Hey, at least no anaphlaxis . . . I found out I had a bee allergy the hard way.
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  17. The chest pain was so uncomfortable that I was considering going to the ER if it had persisted. Not quite anaphylaxis but still pretty darn scary.
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  18. That sucks a lot...also a huge spicy fan.

    Sidenote--your nipple is really light in color.
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  19. Lol not my nipple
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  20. My little one broke out in hives last week due to an allergic reaction to some strawberries. She was able to eat them all the time up until last week. Really strange, I freaked out when she broke out. Obv with her being 2 she was in the ER that night.
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    Originally Posted by MUPokerPlayer View Post

    Lol not my nipple

    lol oh...thought for sure that was it towards the top right. guess you did say it was your back.
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  22. We need the mrs backside pics. Not your back/side pics
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  23. I had some shit similar to that and it ended up that I was allergic to my laundry soap. Have you switched anything up?
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  24. no. im almost positive the capsaicin is the culprit. i tried it a 3rd time today to confirm, and it happened again.
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  25. TO know for sure do a 'scratch' test on your forearm. Just scratch a bit of the skin and put a lil of the stuff you think you are allergic to on that spot (or your balls obv). See if it reacts.
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  26. In before, I'm sure it's capsaicin... Ive tried it for the 300th consecutive time today.
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  27. Spicyness just doesn't look grammatically correct. But neither does spiciness either
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    Originally Posted by Luho View Post

    Spicyness just doesn't look grammatically correct. But neither does spiciness either

    'Spiciness' looks kinda racist.
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  29. Whew boy. That's terrible mupp. A true game changer. Thats gotta be worse than being young and getting some bar whore pregnant, at least you could be a degenerate and ignore the kid.

    gl in a hopeful possible recovery.

    Ps: could also post this in the learned from ot thread. Drinking a 4 loko at the moment because your post. Your introduction was key. Just wanted to put that out there
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  30. Man that is really awful. I've always liked spicy food but only in the last few years have I really embraced it. I put siracha or habanero salsa on damn near everything.
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