1. Kept trucking along with stand up. Here's a new video, thanks for checking out whether you hate it or love it.

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  2. broken link. Take the url address, click that video button on p5s and paste in there for embed
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  3. decent stuff

    its on like donkey kong bit was hurtful. i also like to play COD. fuck you
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  4. I watched that with every intention of turning it off half way through cuz I figured it would suck.

    watched the whole thing and was pretty impressed.

    you have some skill. keep it up
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  5. Pretty good. Glad you're enjoying it. Takes a lot of nerve to do stand up
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  6. some good quips but you need to work on a narrative and/or better transition points.
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  7. also you wouldve gotten huge laughs if you had said "this bitch will wooo anything" instead of what you said
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  8. I really enjoyed it. Great job. If you ever came to Chicago I'd definitely meet the two drink minimum to watch you perform.
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  9. Very impressed - well done. I might be using that Indian Style sex joke.

    Edit: That one guy's laugh was killing me.
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  10. great stand up wud b even better if u werent causing the guy filiming to laugh himself to death.. made it a little tuff to hear at times hahaha
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  11. pretty damn good. i sure as shit could never do that.
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  12. This had me rollin'. Got a little bogged down in the middle, should have let the crowd keep being excited, seemed like you silenced the crowd too much by teasing her. Was still funny but you lost a shitload of momentum with the crowd and you had to work back up. All in all very enjoyable keep it up!
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  13. I thought you ended better this time. Keep it up.
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    Originally Posted by KingPariah View Post

    Edit: That one guy's laugh was killing me.


    Good job
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  15. I second stackin. Saw it was 15 minutes and was like nooooo way. Saw his comment and thought, maybe Ill try it. Glad I did. Was funny for sure.
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  16. "in case your wondering, we dont actually stock the mexicans at home depot" lol
    looooooooooooooool at the toilet set
    "did anyone ever have sex indian sytle?" im not giving the punchline, woth watching for that one
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  17. great job man, keep getting yourself out there
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  18. very good... change the camera man tho, haha. as said above he was pissin himself the whole time
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  19. Lol, good stuff. The indian style line had me rolling. haha
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  20. good stuff, liked the first half better
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  21. nice job.

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  22. the Indian joke was outstanding and i loved how u did the "too soon" on it. that shit had me dying.
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  24. absolutely hilarious. not one g-d either. love it
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  25. I cant watch in case I dont find it good I will then feel really uncomfortable but I wish you the best and I hope where ever comedy takes you makes you happy.
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    Originally Posted by Cesporz View Post

    I cant watch in case I dont find it good I will then feel really uncomfortable but I wish you the best and I hope where ever comedy takes you makes you happy.

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  27. I thought it was good. A couple a really good lines and pretty decent interaction with the crowd. Id be impressed if I went to an amateur (no offense) hour show and you were up there. Only thing, not sure how wide the stage was, but move around a little. that stage looked small so it may not have been an option but just my .02.

    A side note, the guy either holding the camera or sitting right next to it, his laugh was gold and had me laughing at times I wouldnt have normally been. I gotta imagine that helps when watching your shit online for the extra lulz factor. Well done.
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  28. Awesome... "That one is $100...You can piss or shit in it...That one there is $200 & you can piss or shit in it."

    I misquoted but still well done haha.
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  29. Pretty solid, like a sonic the hedgehog log
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