1. This is a slam dunk cast. I'm loving the amount of strategy in the confessionals over the first two episodes and can't wait to see how it plays out.

    My current favorites are Ali, Chrissy and Ryan.
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  2. Wish Alan didn't play so hard first episode (haven't watched second episode yet) but seemed like he played hard without getting a target on him for now.
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  3. Hated episode 1. Liked ep 2.

    It's annoying that Ali and Patrick knew each other coming into the game and the editors have chosen to lie to us.

    Ali is excellent, nonetheless.

    I miss Simone
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  4. Did not see that one coming.
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    Originally Posted by marinersheep View Post

    Did not see that one coming.

    The Carrot Top exit? If I was stuck on an island with him, I certainly would have voted him out...
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  6. gg Ali

    Can't try and be everyone's #1

    JP is the perfect type of player to take with you to the merge.
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