1. heard today through word-of-mouth that tech n9ne the rapper was shot and killed the other day. Funny thing is i can't find any news about it, and the source of info where i heard this from (a big rap fan and close friend) says news about it wont be out for another day or so since he isnt mainstream and is underground. Anyone else heard anything about this?
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  2. I live in KC and I'm pretty sure I would of heard about this...false imo
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  3. westside connection ftw mo fuckers.
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  4. Though Tech N9ne is indeed underground, he is pretty much the upper echelon of underground, so this news would of been on Hiphop sites by now.
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  5. yeah no way this goes unreported
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  6. thats nuts, I live in KC too and haven't heard anything.....
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  7. not true imo
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    Originally Posted by Stuman123 View Post

    thats nuts, I live in KC too and haven't heard anything.....

    kc here as well and nothin..i've got some boys in a local rap group..TTS..and tech used to go to the same recording studio as them..they saw him not too long ago..but who knows..
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  10. i doubt it
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  11. He was alive friday night for a concert in Portland.
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  12. watch out...cus here comes teka ninni...
    roll out...cus here comes teka ninni..
    drop down...cus here comes teka ninni...here comes tekka ninii, here comes tekka ninni
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  13. "I'm a slacker, never did I have a lotta dough, I'm a slacker, smokin pot and watchin videos"
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  14. i heard hes the devil
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  15. So?
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