1. You best check yo self before you wiggity wreck yo self...
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  2. Rollin in my 5.0
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  3. i am an idiot bc a great pecentage of our population speaks uneducated english?

    but im not a gay stuck up nerd who has no idea what any of it means
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  4. nm i see your from virginia, i understand now
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  5. Yes you are correct, because he is from virginia and speaks in a manner in which you can understand what he is saying, that makes him a nerd. He is an gay suck up because he actually says an entire word rather than just being lazy and mumbling whatever the word sounds like because he's too lazy to open his fucking mouth when he talks. One day you will realize that it isnt "cool" to be apathetic and sound stupid when you speak. No one is impressed when someone say "namsayn" or "nameen" it just shows a complete lack of intelligence. To ask people to recognize some psuedolanguage bullshit like "ebonics" as a language is absolutely retarded. I have never met and intelligent person who spoke in this manner, it shows someones character, when they speak an entirely butchered version of "the Queen's English."

    ema "Cmoney" i can see you now some skinny white kid with a sideways hat with the bill straight acrossed, a white T too big for you, and pants hanging off you're ass. The kind of guy that causes stereotypes that my generation has been working their ass off to get rid of.
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  6. okay, so what does it mean if someone is "'bout it, 'bout it?"

    I understand the vast majority of the rest of them...
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  7. cmoney is the type of person we DONT want in OT thnx
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  8. Ok cmoney,

    Here we go. First of all, I am not the racist. I do not put down an entire race of people and assume that they all speak this broken form of english. I do not think that speaking like this has anything to do with being black, white, spanish, etc. I am going to go out on a limb and say you are probably white and have never lived in poverty. I on the other hand have lived in poverty. I have received food stamps, government cheese, etc. I won the state contest and was given a scholarship to a private school. After that I paid for half of my private highschool. So please do not tell me it's a black thing and I am racist. Do not penalize me for having the foresight at a young age to see the value of an education, realizing that I did not like my surroundings and did not want to live like that.

    This whole ghetto slang OR ebonics OR whatever it is called, is absolutely preposterous. Kids who speak like this are going to develop it as habit and be unable to break this speach pattern thus not allowing them to further themselves in adult society and being pigeon holed into some low income job.

    Now who is the bad guy? Me for discouraging these actions or you for condoning it?
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  9. did you ever think that it is a cultural thing, and something that "ghetto people" see as theirs? a language that they take pride in..i know myself and many other "non ghetto people" would look quite foolish tryin to speak ebonics.

    btw i havent worn a hat for years and have a double business major, and i speak proper english

    devils advocate anyone?
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  10. Cmoney post a pic of yourself
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