1. how is this threadworthy? next up on OT.. " Is air necessary?"
    riveting stuff.
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  2. Tina Fey is hotter than Sandy Bullock was in her heyday
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  3. i'd hit it.

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  4. oh hell ya Sol, nice pic !!!!
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    Originally Posted by str8frush View Post

    i wouldnt define her as HOT , Cute is more what i would call her

    Agreed. I'd def hit it over and over, but I guess I have a tight range when determining hot or not. I'd say cute as well, but doesn't quite fall into my "Hot" category.
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  6. hot
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  7. After the picture sol posted I would def say hot. Always thought she was attractive but the picture pushed more towards hot.
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  8. 6 years ago id give hot....now i just really wanna fuck her
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  9. i find her very hot
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  10. yes
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  11. lol level?
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  12. Am I the only no? That scar isn't too hot plus I don't like that library look, I bet half u say no before the Palin skit.
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  13. Is a pig's pussy pork?
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  14. If you asked me to describe my perfect woman, I would describe Tina Fey (personality included, but she is still absolutely hot). No joke.

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  15. I'd do her, but I don't really want to. She's way overrated. Not hot, just doable.
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  16. Is your gf named Deliah?
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  17. yut has a lovely lady
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  18. Yes, she is hot. All nerdy looking people are hot!
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  19. doable-

    clothes on= yes

    clothes off= no
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  20. of course she's hot. Is this a very well veiled brag post about having a possibly high maintenence hot lesbo curious blonde girlfriend
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  21. Hell yes. I'm kind of ashamed to admit I saw Baby Mama (although it was mildly entertaining) but in that move when she gets done up to go out she is hot as fuuuuuuuuuucccccckkkkkkk. Not the best picture of it below but the best I could find.

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  22. add another tally to "yes"
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  23. it's 4am, i just got back from the bar, and im drunk... you know what that means? Time for anothe r eidition of pictures i shouldn't post but will anyways :)))))))))

    Ok frunny story from that picture^^^. It was my gf's 21'st bday, and th e band found out. So the lead singer goes "hey come on up here guys." We get up on stage and he says "alright everyone (there was like 200 ppl there -- small bar, JAMMED) these 2 are gonna do their favorite sex position. It's her bday and she's gonna be workin it later" or something like that. He gets everyone to count "1, TWO, 3!" and obv we have to do something so we she bends over and we do doggie style cause laying on a fucking nasty bar floor would suck. I dont think doggie style is my fav. but damn that was fun.

    lol no idea where this one came from but it seems embarrssing enough to post,

    obv i wouldnt be with anyone but a penn state girl. She's tiny and easy to throw around after TD's, which there were a lot of this year :)))))))))))))))))))))

    f u OT

    oh hi

    lol i found this picture while going through my bucket to find all those ^^^. Kinlaw was our former running back. He was charged with rape, but found not guilty cause the chick wa sjust out for money. This kid sat in front of me at the illinois game:

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  24. Brianyut.

    F USC.
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  25. you outkicked your coverage just like djoshaz
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  26. bad bad thoughts going thru my mind with this one
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  27. yut is a lucky man
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  28. right click>>save image as>>brianyut super hot girlfriend pic
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  29. lol nice pics, make sure your gf sees this thread.
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  30. I would touch Ms. Fey's pee part with my own pee part.
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