1. Maybe the dead cat is using his 10th life.

    Go speed racer, go.

    Oh yeah, Hey Blackout, How was that curb stompin

    27-0 weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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  2. OMG U FUKER - I was just coming in here to say something to u and look at u, you are talking shit again - I HATE U, hope you lose all ur short term n long term cash and have to sell your michael jackson doll collection
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  3. 27 - 0 in madden dolphin?

    I got an order posting into my sharebuilder account for today, in a few securities. I wish this would have went through before yesterdays rally.
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    Originally Posted by Blackout4 View Post

    OMG U FUKER - I was just coming in here to say something to u and look at u, you are talking shit again - I HATE U, hope you lose all ur short term n long term cash and have to sell your michael jackson doll collection

    awww I wuv you too hunny. Don't worry. I'll have dinner ready for you when you come home tonight and we can roll around naked in your winnings.
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  5. I can't wait for the rematch
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  6. base metal miners are my play right now. BHP and LMC
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  7. meh anything less than a 300 loss is probably a win in my mind today. Less than 200 down would be awesome. A positive close would be a wet dream. It would be nice but meh.
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  8. i am so close to getting out. just need a few hundred points to the plus side. probably should have sold on the open.
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  9. it was already a nice morning for me trading but my longs feeling excessive pain considering the market they are hammered in relation to the Dow. Car makers falsely propping up market -along with banks doing well generally. National city bank made me a fortune (ghetto rich) 2 days in a row.
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  10. we are going to be up and down awhile, you dca the whole way down WTF out now for LOL. All my funds up over 11% yesterday, one 18%. All profit on those bought Friday close as you know but waiting for rest to retest later or maybe not at all. Trading is more profitable currently so why sweat that long right now. How can you NOT be making money on banks right now? Merrill and ms easy money trades. Gee a banks strong billions? Obv pop there before eventual negativity to socialism but nice trades meanwhile.
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  11. hey my sso was up 24 percent yesterday. I had a good day. it's up 3 percent today.

    I just want to get back to even. I'm kinda bearish on the economy long term. All we do is spend and put on credit cards. That can not be good for the future of the economy. Banks SHOULD stop lending to a lot of people.
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  12. what ive learned from watching CNBC pretty regularly over the past 2 months... is that dylan ratigan is pretty smart. i used to think he was the biggest tool, douche, retard, etc, when he was at bloomberg tv many years ago. now i think he speaks much better and truely understands the way markets/banking system/many other topics really work and explains them to the avg viewer pretty clearly.

    as far as the market goes, if i was trading the market...id sell any longs today, go short-buy SKF, QID, i dont see what propels the market higher over the next few days.
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  13. I'm very bearish long term but looking at this as possibly good to thanksgiving. The funds I got in were just value buys for the long haul, not a huge bet but a not wanting to miss those values over time. I am 60% cash in 401k officially... Dylan is a straight shooter, never watched bloomberg until recently. Always seemed bush league but they changed image and I like it now except their sfobv clueless denial Obama teet sucking. Cnbc at least uses reason to evaluate the best thing for the market. I prefer focusing on the market and not politics people, keep it neutral bloomberg lol.
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  14. i havent watched bloomberg since college. like 8-9 years ago.
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  15. All i have to Say .. Is .. WOW

    The news is All happy , the Stock markets Are all Happy ? Why ?

    Cause the Government Stepped in to Fix something That Others Broke and Saved their A$$'s So basically .. We had the DOW gain its Biggest one day gain Ever And every Cheers .. But you cant compare that To Any other Past One Day Gain .. because the Government Has Not Flushed 700 Billion in the stock market B$ .. So Of Course we are gonna see that .. All hell i dont know Shyt about this stuff ..

    Am i wrong about what im saying .. ? Someone Explain to me How the 700 Billion Going to these Dumb A$$s that got themselves into this is Going to Help Us the joe blows of America that dont even have money in stocks.. Is this not just a Piece of Bubble gum plugging up a Huge Whole in a Dam ? or a Band-aid to patch up a Persons head being cut off ?
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