1. This weekend was obviously full of more upsets and heartbreak than usual. What did you all do when your team lost? Did it ruin your day? Week? Month? Year? Life? Did you break anything? I for one can say that the DirecTV 49ers NFL Remote I used may not work properly after the beating it got today during the game, even though the game didn't mean a whole lot compared to a lot of the others. I'm looking mainly for responses from the diehard Mets fans as well as the upset victims in college football.
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  2. well the badgers AND the packers lost this wekeend, its kinda tough to swallow and if it were deeper in the football season it would ruin today/tommrowo atleast.

    but its all erased right now cause the brewers are in the playoffs woot woot!
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  3. who has winners for the fav teams?

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  4. FSU won, Bucs won and UF and Miami lost so it was good weekend
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  5. nope. my saints spanked it. so all is good in the world
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  6. My Tigers and Saints won, so it's all good.
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  7. Mich and KC!
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  8. well this topic definately applies to me...obv Badgers and Packers lose, but Brewers win so w/e...meh weekend
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  9. i can't help you. my team won today. good luck dealing with your misery.

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  10. So used to the Raiders getting killed or blowing a huge ass lead that it didn't even phase me...atleast my Cubs are going to do something this year!
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  11. took a leather strap, beat my kids' butts, and told them to hope that the Cowboys run defense shows up next week...

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  12. eh kinda shrugged because when the pack lost bc it wasnt on tv(fuckin jets) and i still think theyll make the playoffs bc theyre better than the rest of the division but watching chicago tonite im not so sure...and ryan grant is pissing me off, i thought the whole offseason people were too high on him for a couple good games he had and now hes mixing key fumbles in with shitty running.
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  13. jags win irish win usc loses uf loses...personal losses consisted of wallet and cell phone..at separate times...still a sick weekend though
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  14. mets lost but jets won wish it was either way around I like the jets and giants equally so jets loss wouldn't have really bothered me
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  15. I ate the biggest piece of choc cake after my shit Bengals lost again!
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  16. I got drunk for the 1st time in months and cried like a baby
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  17. i got sucked out on deep in the 32k qq < 10 10
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    Originally Posted by gambowler View Post

    i can't help you. my team won today. good luck dealing with your misery.

    mine too, go skins! My 2nd favorite broncos loss didnt matter since they are still in first place. Nothing can ruin your day when the skins beat the cowgirls in Dallas! Plus the Last Place Eagles losing made it even sweeter!
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