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    Where were you educated? Why don't you know things? Son, I am dissapoint.

    As a college graduate (with a business degree), I never heard of Saul Alinski until a bunch of baby boomers started accusing people I know of being "Alinski-ites". I feel like we keep having to relive the failures of the Boomer generation over and over until they freaking die off.

    Next thing you know people will try to start bringing back the "Yippies" and calling people Hoffman-ites.
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    why do you think I care what the tea party does? smh lol you really still don't get it. I've said numerous times on here that in this country there is one political party with two rivaling factions.

    ^^^ gets it
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  3. Dont want to look it up. Is he red or blue?
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    Alinsky has been dead for years. The GOP uses Alinsky's tactics while still citing to Alinsky as a boogeyman. Well, I guess doing so is an Alinsky tactic so never mind.

    Is it the GOP or is it the tea party or is it Bannon? I know these are all the same thing in your brain but they're just not. The GOP doesn't know their ass from a hole in the ground.
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    Dont want to look it up. Is he red or blue?

    Blue af
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  6. Poopy conflating tactics with objectives. Sun is up, Nate passed by yesterday, it is now beach time.
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    have never voted in my life.

    Stopped giving a shit about what you "Think" right here. Carry on with your ignorant, lazy or Illegal self.

    And for the record - I still write in Ross Perot for President every term for President and California Governor.

    Prophecy from '92 became truth thur 2009 = and then WAY BEYOND to current day with no end in site.

    And this clip from 2009 = We were "Only 9 Trillion in Deb"t ~ Not ten years later we are nearing 20 Trillion in Debt.

    It won't end .........

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  8. This is the platform he ran on from the beginning ... Skip ahead 2 minuets ahead in this video.

    Back then - We were 4 Trillion in Debt -- And that was DEPLORABLE !!

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  9. poopy saying the right is doing alinsky-work is fantastic. loooooool
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    poopy saying the right is doing alinsky-work is fantastic. loooooool

    They aren't? Have you ever listened to Trump?

    Edit - i forgot that in norcaljeffland GOP is rubber and Dems are glue regardless of the playbook that is being employed at the time.
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