1. Please tell me 6am or earlier plz..

    I was sick a couple weeks before spring break started and came back with a bunch of work to catch up on as a result. Of course, I was stupid and didn't really do it and now I go back to school tomorrow. I'm thinking of marathoning Asian Art History (shoot me now) reading until Mickey D's breakfast starts because I want an egg mcmuffin. Feasibility?
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  2. i think 5am... i remember one time after having some bish over i had a massive craving dofr some mcodnalds breakfast....
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  3. Over in CANadA they start serving at 4am, and if they don't you can ask them to switch it.
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  4. Better question is... what time does McDonald's stop serving breakfast at?
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  5. ^^^^^^ not really everyone knows its 1030 but different places have different times they start serving at.. god damnit now i want sausage eggmcmuffin only 3 more hours...........
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  6. 10:30am where I'm at.
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  7. 10:30 everywhere. The company insists on it to make sure that they're serving lunch by 11:00. This was on the Food Network today.

    The 24 hour McDonald's near me starts breakfast ony at 4:00.
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  8. Thanks a lot guys. This thread will be enough to get me out of the house this am.
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  9. monge monge monge idk i like white castles hash browns betta
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  10. Aren't the hours different on Sundays? Are they open on Easter?
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  11. In Vegas there's a mcdonalds that serves breakfast till 11 on the weekends. Totally blew my mind first time I saw it.
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  12. They're open on Christmas so I assume that Easter's a go.
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  13. i believe sundays mcdonalds breakfast stops at 11, with every other day being 1030.
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  14. def open on easter i was there this morning and got this. sf good imo

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  15. im pretty sure i read somewhere that they are preparing to start serving breakfast all day. that will be sweet. they make more money serving breakfast for 5 hours than they make the whole rest of the day.
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  16. ^^ bout time. ftr, i prefer jack in the box. mmmmm, supreme croissant....
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  17. I got an egg mcmuffin (promptly removed ham), hash brown, and cinnamon roll (or whatever they call it now instead of a roll) at 5:30 AM, twas great. I didn't ask but the McLate menu went til 4am so I'm assuming that's when they started serving breakfast.

    As for all day breakfast, there's been a lot of talk/articles about it but I think the company is still somewhat conflicted. Google McDonald's breakfast or something like that and a bunch of articles come up.
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