1. Hey all,
    Would like gambler's insights into a situation where somebdy (basically, a friend) owes you money and is jerking you around.
    How far do you go?

    A little background:
    This guy owes me about $200. I played his poker account and ran it up. He played it back down. Over and over. Would not have been a big deal - but I busted my ass and could have been doing a lot of other things. Also, I'm pi**ed off that he couldn't follow basic BR management and burned up the bankroll I built in ring and cheap MTT's by playing $50 heads-ups, betting on sports, etc. He never acknowledged that he f*d up the BR, and has put off paying me for months.
    After some recent reassurances, he's blowing me off again. And, basically I've had enough. This a**hole used me and I don't like it.

    But, what the hell can I do?
    Seriously, the only thing I know will hurt him - and I threatened him with this before - is to tell his wife how bad he cheats on her.

    That may sound cold-blooded. It may sound like bringing a cannon to a knifefight.
    But since he's an a**hole who uses up the people in his life, I actually feel like it is appropriate.
    He uses her to keep his kids while he fu**s around with just about every chick that will give him action. He used me to help build up his bankroll while he gambled my profits away on every bs proposition he could find. He broke his promise to me just like he breaks his vows to her. This is how you treat your friends? Your wife? You just keep them around while they're useful to you and you can find new ways to get over on them? F* that. He's a sleazeball.

    So, what do you think? Forget about it? Or strike back at this rotten mofo?
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  2. Wow man, what a dilemma. Seriously.

    Honestly, I would just cut ties with the guy. You said it yourself. He's a rotten mofo. I wouldn't get involved in his marriage, though. He's got bad karma, and bad things will happen to this guy. You don't need to even get involved.

    He seems like a real scumbag, and you're better off without him. Soon, his wife will find that out, too.

    Just my take. I'm one vindictive, vengeful mofo, but even I wouldn't rat on my buddy about his cheating ways to his wife. He will get his. Just write off the money and find new friends.
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  3. quickest way to lose a friend is to loan them money and EXPECT to get it back. Its 200 dollars man, that is an amount that you should be able to forget about. Shit, if people every paid me back I would probably get like 2k, but I learned not to give a damn anymore. I knew I would never see that money again
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  4. threaten him, rob him, take the money back, tell his wife, marry her, adopt the kids.

    dish out the bad beats.
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  5. I've always taken the position to leave broads out of things. There are however things you could do with out involving broads. Simply tell him if he not going to pay you, then you will cost him that amount of money. For $200 I'd say that equals a new set of tires. So tell him he pays up or there will be 4 roofing nails in the sidewalls of his tires. Sidewalls can't be plugged soo GG tires. Then after the threat you lay it out sensibly you say to you want to spend $200 on new tires and lose a friend or do you want to do whats right keep a friend and pay me the money. Give him a week to make his decision (come up with the money). Once the week is over go route A or B. His choice. Ultimately though I'd cut this dude off no matter what he picks.
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  6. Sorry bro. I'll pay on Monday. I SWEAR!

    PS- Don't tell Maggie please.
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  7. 1. Forget the $200
    2. Tell the wife
    3. Bang the wife

    gg friend
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  8. see that shit is stupid. If you fuck up his tires, then he has to spend money on his tires, which makes it harder for him to pay you back, and he can take legal action at that point.

    besides, if you're paying only 200 dollars for a set of tires, you must suck
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  9. He cant take legal action. And you are giving him a choice. If he choses not to pay you or atleast start paying you that means you are never gonna see the money so I say teach the fucker a lesson. Tires for your car would cost $200 you suck.
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  10. FU bitch ass i spent 787 for my tires, so go skeet on your pillow
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  11. You got ripped off
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  12. Send Wowswift over there to kill him, She's crazy and hates people as long as their not German.
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  13. no i didn't, my shit grips better than you grip wein's nuts
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  14. I love Germans
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  15. this guy isn't your friend. you should know this by now. do the right thing and threaten to tell his wife so you get your money. then tell his wife.
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  16. c'mon, no one believes that. Didn't we talk about gross exaggerations before?
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  17. lol lol I just read what I wrote, and that could go a completely different way lol skeet
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  18. Thanks, all. Good stuff. This cracked me up: <TABLE cellPadding=2 border=0 celspacing="0"><TBODY><TR><TD>Sorry bro. I'll pay on Monday. I SWEAR!

    PS- Don't tell Maggie please. </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
    As much as I think those of you who said leave the wife out of it are right, and pretty much needed to hear that, it is basically the ONLY vulnerability (company car in garage, rents home, etc.).

    The fact is, my own BR got cracked pretty hard recently and the $ he owes would actually make a difference right now.

    riup!'s suggestion still has a lot of appeal. It just basically boils down to whether I'm willing to be that big of a douche and do something that I would not be proud of over it.

    Probably not, but damn I can't help wanting to.
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  19. I was serious when I said that this guy is not your friend. You can usually tell what a person is like by the way he treats people that are suppose to be important to him like friends and family. My suggestion afterwards is the most Machavellian I could come up with, but I also think it's a reasonable one given this guys disloyalty. I guess it depends on how much you value $200. I just believe that this guy is gonna show you the same loyalty he shows to his wife. You shouldn't trust him with anything.
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  20. His name isnt Sandwich is it?
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  21. reference Sonny's advice to C in a Bronx Tale....
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  22. ok i havent ever posted nothin, but now i seen this topic i had to reply. lol, shit what i did when my "friend" owed me $$, i never snitched him out to his old lady. i jus took the new shit he bought, w/ "my money". he might have a problem wityh that, or his old lady might, but it was my $$ that bought it right? yes it is, an if it wasn't , lol, owed $$ is my $$, so if he dont pay take shit. i took a fools draws, sox, shoes, ect. if you don't make a stand then you got punked, an not in the fun way, like ashton kutcher jumpin out a corner w/ a cam. be a man get your $$ or stfu. cause if he gets away with it his/your boys will expect the same. prove a point an get yours.
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  23. lmao @ murderer. i'm still amazed sandwich posts here.
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  24. in that case, can i get like 500? Im pretty good for it. And I don't cheat on my old lady.
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  25. do the correct thing.....F him up, rob him, and tell his wife on him......make his life miserable....and then never speak to him again.....F all you sorry azzez that dont pay your debts
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  26. i agree with tekk, if 200$ is what it takes to get this fuckface out of your life - that's pretty cheap.

    let it go. and stop running up people's accounts for them. it's a recipe for disaster.

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  27. 1) He is Not Your Friend- He is a manipulative self centered person who looks at people for what they can give him////Friends don't do that

    2) Telling his wife immerses you in the middle of the situation...if she is a person you consider a true friend....hire a private detective to send her anonymous photos of his indiscretions

    3) $200 is dirt cheap to learn this and move on away from this type of person

    4) You will be far better off forgetting the $200 and that so called friend than pursuing the $$ or revenge

    Good Luck Bro!
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  28. When someone owes you money, threaten them with violence. This is how they do it in the movies and really we should all be so fortunate to live our lives like movie stars.

    Re: the wife.

    Nobody likes a snitch.

    Shut your fuggin mouth.
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  29. I agree with Shawn here.

    The karmic damage you'll do to yourself in exposing his infidelity is not worth any measure of revenge. I would simply cut all ties with him and be done with this sordid episode of my life. $200 would be a small price to pay, frankly.
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  30. If $200 is a small price to pay to cut all ties with someone that you speak to...

    Shawn, can I send it on dise or would you prefer a check?

    F BGX
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