1. I seen this picture on facebook and was wondering where it is and if its real seems pretty sweet.
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    I seen this picture

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  5. Singapore

    Marina Bay Sands – Singapore
    Most hotel pools, even rooftop pools, don’t require warning labels. The rooftop pool atop the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, however, just might.
    The views over the sparkling city below are incredible, there’s no denying that – but those with a fear of heights might wonder who had the audacity to build something akin to an infinity pool 200 meters off the ground.
    For the faint of heart, the pool is wide enough that you can stick closer to the inner wall and still enjoy a dip – or, for that matter, a poolside stroll through the palm trees.
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  7. Most profitable casino on earth. Lvs ftw.
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  8. there is a build it bigger episode on the building of it I suggest OP check it out
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  9. All pa
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  10. my stomach is turning a bit just looking at that
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  11. this is sick
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  12. ^where is that?
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  13. I seen it? WTF, how do you type "seen" and not realize it sounds wrong.
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  14. Thailand
    Barcelona, Spain
    l'opera restaurant Paris
    Conrad Resort & Hotels, Rangali Island, Maldives
    Positano, Campania

    Sri Panwa
    Tambon Vichit, Phuket

    found these earlier when trying to respond to OP

    thought there were some really awesome places others might like to see
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  15. Not sure if I'm seeing this right , but looks as if there is no glass surrounding the entire edge. That seems a little dangerous. I'll pass
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  16. Costalegre, Jalisco, Mexico
    Gansevoort Miami Beach

    Hotel Caruso Ravello; Amalfi Coast, Italy Four Seasons Maui at Wailea; Maui, HI

    Hotel the Vine's rooftop pool has 360-degree views of Portugal's island of Madeira
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  17. Jesus, some of those places look amazing. That underwater one especially would be crazy.
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    Jesus, some of those places look amazing. That underwater one especially would be crazy.

    its 10k a night. You go down some kind of manhole on a dock or something like that. Read about it a few months ago in Islands magazine. My wife said hell no. Sigh. Sounded awesome reading it, the author stayed overnight in it.
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    Reason: great spot for a drug crazed 4 some with 3 strippers.
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  19. Mykonos, Greece.
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  20. If you want to see more pics of The Sands, Trip advisor has 1400 or so.


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