1. The W and I are heading to San Fran for a couple days of pre vacation vacation....what are some decently fun/entertaining things to do while there? Super tourist shit is okay, we're pretty much down for whatever...what's the best/most fun things you've done there? Thanks for the help!!!

    oh, and 42315
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  2. 5,3,4,2,1 4 loses points for the fake tan, rate 5 higher than you for the face.
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  3. 31524
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  4. ive never been, but i would prolly go to alcatraz.

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  5. gotta ollie the gonz at emb at least once while you're there lol
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  6. Drive up to tilden park just past Berkeley technically in Oakland. Fantastic view of the entire bay area from te top of the hill.

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  7. I was there for a couple of days once. We did the Golden Gate Bridge, Muir Woods, found some nice restaurants, did the Fisherman's wharf walk through, went to Coit tower and took in the view and the best part was driving the PCH down past Half Moon Bay through Santa Cruz to Monterrey/Carmel and 17 mile drive through Pebble Beach. That coastline is absolutely incredible. My legal assistant says she did the Alcatraz tour and enjoyed it.
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  8. 3,4,2,1,5
    ....what was the question again?
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  9. are you and your wife gay? if so you can go to the castro district............my uncle lives there so i been a couple times, i like goin to berkeley, alcatraz is cool, pier 39 w the seals and clam chowder is cool..anywhere around golden gate....just walk around city of sf...will try to think of more
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  10. giants game (if they're not in town just go on a tour. it's that awesome). fisherman's wharf is nice and touristy, just don't buy anything lol ($$$$). alcatraz, golden gate bridge. as for nightlife, everything is within 20 minutes by cab, so it really depends on preference


    pics of W?

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  11. I thought Alcatraz was really cool. The whole wharf area and pier 39 is good too. Go to a Giants game if you can, that stadium is sweet.
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  12. go to Broadway, some great clubs there
    Haight Ashbury
    Lombard St.
    cable car ride
    jeff's house
    Cal. Academy of Sciences in GGP
    Pac Bell Park
    pier 39
    alcatraz i hear is nice (never been, so i wont 100% recommend)
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  13. I'd say Golden Gate Park
    AT&T Park
    The Buena Vista Cafe
    Muir Woods
    Union Sq
    Pier 39
    Just about any restaurant in SF is money...

    Like someone said, if you get a chance drive PCH and make a few stops. There's a ton of cool stuff on that drive. Rock fishing in Monterey Bay is pretty fun, plus if you like golf these trips sometimes make there way right off the coast of Pebble Beach, Spyglass, and Spanish Bay.
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  14. drink some great wine

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  15. if you are a beer man, Moonlight Brewery beers are really good. It looks like the Toronado has it on tap.

    Recommend Death & Taxes (black beer) or Bombay by Boat (IPA)
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  16. whats the cost of livin like out that way? I think I would love to move to somewhere like SF
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    Originally Posted by sean614 View Post

    whats the cost of livin like out that way? I think I would love to move to somewhere like SF

    i believe it's 2nd in cost of living after NYC
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  18. -alcatraz flash light tours are money
    -anchor steam brewery tour always does the trick
    -"4505 meats" at the ferry buildings farmers market for the worlds best hot dog
    -rosamunde sausage grill (haight st location) for some killer sausages. wash it down next door at toronado and their killer beer selection
    -get legit pizza at flour+water
    -cant go wrong with catching an a's or giants game
    -the 21st amendment brewery is killer
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  19. Winchester Mansion was really cool, and so was Fishermans Wharf
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