1. as in quitting cold turkey.... discuss.
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  2. hmm, you make some interesting points OP. But I think your arguments are far too speculative.

    Let me see if I can add to the discussion...



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  3. The etymology derives from the phrase talk turkey, in which someone deals matter-of-factly with a subject<SUP class=reference id=cite_ref-0>[1]</SUP>. Some, however, believe the derivation is from the comparison of a cold turkey carcass and the state of a withdrawing addict — most notably, the cold sweats and goose bumps.<SUP><SPAN title="This claim needs references to reliable sources since January 2008">[citation needed]</SPAN></SUP> It is often preceded by the verb "to go," as in "going cold turkey." Yet another suggestion of origin is that cold turkey is a dish that needs little or no preparation. "To quit like cold turkey" would be to quit in the same way a cold turkey is served, instantly just as you are without preparation.
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  4. Excellent counter-argument. Let me rebuttle.



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  5. Sweet discussion.

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  6. maybe i can make it worth opening.
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    Originally Posted by mackieinva View Post

    maybe i can make it worth opening.

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  8. Because you touch yourself at night.
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    Originally Posted by El Buitto View Post

    Because you touch yourself at night.

    I touch my self in the day too and you at night
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  10. since your obv wouldn't quit while the turkey is warm? Farm lovin -- get some.
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