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    "For decades, witches have been moving slowly out of the shadows and spreading good magic across the planet. In 2016, we were poised to claim our power in a new way. Sensing their time was at an end, the forces of capitalism, patriarchal greed and white supremacy united for one last gasp, producing our present circumstances — Nazis in the streets, our earth in peril, and an actual rapist in the White House. It's not great out there these days. But in 2018, we will fight for the change we deserve to see. In 2018, we will support progressive candidates, advocate for justice, and, most importantly, vote, witch."

    "What is Witch the Vote?

    Witch the Vote is a collective intersectional effort to direct our magic towards electing candidates who will push our country and our planet forward into the witch utopia we all envision and frankly really, really deserve."

    "Which candidates are Witch Worthy?

    Great question! Let's start with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who overthrew a perfectly nice jar of mayonnaise who had held her district's seat for pretty much as long as she'd been alive, disrupted the entire "liberal" power structure in Congress, and came out to fight for women, people of color, and socialism. This is our Gold Star Witch — a young woman of color who fights for radical change and doesn't care if you don't like it. After Ocasio-Cortez, candidates will be ranked by their commitment to science, fighting climate change, comprehensive reproductive justice, combating white supremacy, completely dismantling the patriarchy, overthrowing our capitalist overlords, abolishing ICE, disassemble the industrial prison complex, and supporting LGBTQIA+ rights, among other factors. Rankings will include True Witch, Cauldron Stirrer, and "Can Identify the Book of Shadows If It's Literally Right in Front of Them." Some of us can't afford to be as picky as we'd like, but in 2018, we'll promote the best candidates willing to run and vote for the best candidates on the ballot. Remember, if you don't vote, you get Trump. Just...be with that."

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  2. We “refuse to be silent any longer”: magic as self-care after Kavanaugh -- Modern-day witches are creating rituals to foster solidarity, activism, and healing.

    "Once, women were put to death for witchcraft. Now it could be “life-saving” for some."

    "Both individuals and organizations are creating rituals to deal with trauma and sexual abuse"

    "Rituals are as much about personal transformation as they are about physical consequences"

    "witchthevoteA Gratitude Spell for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford
    A candle and lighter/matches
    Paper and pen/pencil

    Sit or stand wherever you're comfortable. Ground yourself and light the candle.
    Pour some salt into one hand and hold it gently while you write a thank you to Dr. Ford, something like "Thank you Dr. Christine Blasey Ford for your courage and sacrifice" or even just a simple "I believe you, I support you". You can make it a sigil if you want.
    Now sprinkle your salt over your note, and picture the salt glowing softly, blanketing the paper.
    Place your hands just above your salted note, not quite touching it. Close your eyes and picture all your gratitude and loving support pouring from your hands in the form of warm light. Feel its tinglies flowing from your palms and dancing around the note, making the salt sparkle like prisms.
    Picture the salt absorbing all of the abuse and threats that Dr. Ford and her family have suffered through this ordeal.
    Brush the salt off the note, sweeping all that gross energy away with it.
    When you feel you've poured all the support you can into the note and cleared all the salt off, picture Dr. Ford seeing it in front of her, reading it, and putting it in her pocket. Stay in this space with her for a few moments or longer.
    If you'd like to send your note to Dr. Ford, you can send it to: Christine Blasey Ford c/o Rep. Anna Enshoo 698 Emerson St. Palo Alto, CA 94301
    If not, you can roll it up and carry it around like a talisman, bury it in one of your houseplants, or add it to a sacred space.
    The end of the spell is to take action. Read up on ballot questions, register your friends to vote, donate to organizations for sexual assault survivors if you can. Let survivors know you believe them. Don't stop. ??:" @sogayjen
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  3. Wiches are to Christians what cartoon quicksand is to people. You would think it is alot bigger hazard and more dangerous than it actually is.

    Let the dumb bitches practice their witchcraft, no harm no foul.
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