1. .....or so it was said this morning on SoCal's KROQ radio station's morning show. According to on of the guys on the show who did a "scientific study" all women who wear white pants enjoy or will at least perform the deed of buttsecks. His scientific study, which I found funny, was asking women on the casino floor of Treasure Island in Las Vegas who were wearing white pants if they liked anal. He said over 60% of them said yes. The resident woman on KROQ's morning show, Lisa May, said that it made sense because women who wear white pants must at least like their ass because white pants are not forgiving at all.
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  2. not all but maybe most.
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  3. PM Ship Happens for the stats on how many guys who wear white pants like anal
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  4. If guys wear white pants are their kids more suicidal?
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  5. Yeah, find more celebrity pics with white pants. That way we will all know who likes the buttsecks. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
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  6. I am only hitting on women who wear whilte pants this weekend at the bar, unless I see my XGF who def 100% likes anal sex, then Ill prolly just leave with her.
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  7. ^^^^^^^^^^Definitely likes the buttsecks!
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  8. *siiiigh*

    *shakes head*
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  9. No way that pic stays up
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  11. F the flying rat! Die plz.
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  12. F me? F you!
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  13. PM crzysavage if you really want to F somebody, as he takes it willingly
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  14. i think the rat wants to make butt secks with you sicktight
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  15. Nice work, Rat, although it was very evident to most sports fans that Nadal definitely likes the buttseckz.
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  17. This thread has taken a wrong turn. :(
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  21. this thread has taken a turn for...KEEP THE PICS COMING
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  26. YAAAAAAAAAAY. This thread has now turned things north.

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  27. i would destroy vida's butthole
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  28. That chick looks 16. Nice butt though.
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  30. what do chicks in black pants like? lesbo?
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