WSOP OT rail/live stream thread *no spoilers*
  1. It was a subdued eric molina like fist pump anyways, not one to get all butthurt over
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    Originally Posted by Jaybone2315 View Post

    Waco made a light fist pump at a WSOP final table once and pope got all sorts of butthurt about how waco was classless. Not sure if that was the start, but pope is clearly jelly as fuck.

    Yea I remember that but pope was clearly agitated about something prior to that event. Care to elaborate Pope?
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  3. he hates me because I've called him out countless times for making shitty posts and bumping old threads (no better example than his posting style than right here ITT)

    he is a 2+2 reg who comes over here when he's read everything there is to read on 2+2 and then makes a bunch of garbage posts with no substance, usually bumping some random old thread in the process. he also clearly he has some jealousy issues about my fortunate tourney success. the stuff about my alleged excessive celebration was LOLtastic. every time the guy that I beat HU sees me he comes over and gives me a huge smile and shakes my hand... obv he hates me!

    FTR, Felix was a boss of a player that never plays tourneys. we had a great convo while we played, and he did indeed own me in several big pots. he's legit, seemed like a super nice guy, and I am cheering for him. Kunal Patel was also another player from my starting table that was a fucking boss.

    I wasn't underestimating anyone, I was just making an observation and being confident about my skills and results.

    and FTR, I played like shit on day 3 and blew my stack. I'm still pretty sick over it. but pope doesn't bother me, he's just so pathetic...
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  4. and he's a cunt to boot
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  5. Hi
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  6. Explain the butthurt and jealously u fat Fk
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    Originally Posted by kowboy8686 View Post

    i think it all stems from a quarrel about who gets the least rainfall per year. waco provided a 20 year graph and pope countered with a 100 year chart that excluded gulf low pressure rains.

    iir jk still has the discussion documented.

    [X] documented
    [ ] rainfall related
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  8. Ot elite badge needed for Jkob
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  9. Lol at the top right tourney update
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  10. Does anyone else try to click 'read more'?
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    Originally Posted by Co1one1_Forbin View Post

    Lol at the top right tourney update

    lol this
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  12. koblyn's genius will live forever. If I had one left in me I'd rub one out
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  13. lol jk the man.
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  14. Trying
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  15. Wheeeeee, never been mentioned in the jkoblyn report, but my guess the ot'er graphic was used. Good enough for me. I have arrived!
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    Originally Posted by snaggs View Post

    Wheeeeee, never been mentioned in the jkoblyn report, but my guess the ot'er graphic was used. Good enough for me. I have arrived!

    did you make that same post when I originally made that pic? seems familiar
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  17. probably lol
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  18. actually it was someone thinking I did the silhouette, and you correcting them. It was zander who said he wanted to make one of the news articles one day
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