1. four, 8oz, still water bottles. for every five minutes you abstain from urinating you are given $1,000. how long can you last?

    obviously theoretical, and assuming participants are competing w/in the spirit of the bet. meaning not dehydrating yourself ahead of time, consuming a ton of salty foods, working out after. the assumption is you might have been proposed this bet around a dinner table, poker table, whatever, and that angling it in any way DQ's you. you can go to the restroom before starting, but aside from that, consuming anything or exerting yourself physically, manipulating room temperature, etc, for any of that you are fined a billion dollars. so say you start the wager, then put on movies until you give up. you lay down on the couch at first, you stand up, you walk around a bit, you're clearly uncomfortable, but you aren't angling. also, if your bladder physically explodes, you lose.

    so set your line.

    now, think it over for another few minutes, and give me a more accurate line. you're not lasting that long.

    ok now assume the magic fairy handing out the money is gone. to get to 2/3 of your line, how much would you wish to be wagered at an even money bet, for you to try and endure the challenge? remember, you have to now match the money, so depending on how bold you're original line was, this could be tough. but you chose the line--if that was honestly feasible, 2/3 shouldn't be insurmountable w/o the freeroll. so this could go a few ways, depending on one's roll, one's tolerance for extreme discomfort, etc, and the value to oneself of one's arbitrary wager.

    ok now assume that this is all actually going down. the amount you chose to wager in the aforementioned 2/3 the way to the line exercise, that amount is being wagered now. you can, however, move your line. ok now we're chilling, this is all about to go down.

    i throw a tom colicchio curveball your way!

    you can again rotate your line, you CANNOT CHANGE YOUR WAGER. but i get to write down on a small folded piece of paper whether or not i want the over or the under, and i'm paying out 130% if you lose, you pay 100% if i win. what's your line?

    yes, i realize that this last part might conflict too coarsely w/ some previous lines, broke college kids, degens, or stable family people with responsibilities, puppies, and children, who when making previous wagers, were setting them at points where they assumed virtually a nonzero chance of losing, but screw it. outsmart me w/ your line, 13:10 is an absurd edge.

    this is all purposeful, scientific research
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    this is all purposeful, scientific research

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  8. <SPAN id=Death_of_a_contestant_in_KDND_radio_contest class=mw-headline>Death of a contestant in KDND radio contest</SPAN>

    On January 12, 2007, a listener named Jennifer Strange, 28, died of water intoxication hours after taking part in the "Hold Your Wee for a Wii" contest in which KDND promised a Wii video game system for the winner. At the time, the Nintendo console was very popular and sought-after but also near impossible to find in North America.<SUP id=cite_ref-0 class=reference><SPAN>[</SPAN>1<SPAN>]</SPAN></SUP><SUP id=cite_ref-1 class=reference><SPAN>[</SPAN>2<SPAN>]</SPAN></SUP> In the competition, contestants were asked to drink as much water as they could without urinating. The contestant able to hold the most water would be named the winner.

    According to contest participants, 17 to 20 contestants took part in the competition in a room at KDND's studios. The contest broadcast during the station's "Morning Rave" program began around 6:15 a.m. as contestants were each handed 8 oz (2.4 dl) water bottles to drink at 15 minute intervals. Contestants also said that as the contest progressed, they were given increasingly larger quantities of water to drink. Some later remarked on the physical discomfort they suffered during and following the event.

    The Sacramento Bee newspaper has released audio clips from the morning show on their website.<SUP id=cite_ref-2 class=reference><SPAN>[</SPAN>3<SPAN>]</SPAN></SUP> These clips indicate that the DJs of the show were aware of the death of Matthew Carrington by water intoxication. At one point, a caller who was a co-worker of Nurse Practitioner Judy Linder called the station and informed the DJs that the contest could be dangerous and that someone could die.<SUP id=cite_ref-3 class=reference><SPAN>[</SPAN>4<SPAN>]</SPAN></SUP> The DJs responded by saying "we're aware of that," and joked that the contestants had signed releases and couldn't file a lawsuit. However, according to a contestant, the waivers addressed only publicity issues and made no mention of health or safety concerns. The DJs also joked about Strange's distended belly, joking that she looked three months pregnant.<SUP id=cite_ref-4 class=reference><SPAN>[</SPAN>5<SPAN>]</SPAN></SUP>

    After the contest, Strange spoke to a co-worker by telephone, indicating she was on her way home and in extreme pain, suffering from what appeared to be an intense headache. The co-worker contacted Strange's mother, who went to her home an hour later to find her daughter dead.
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    Good God, that's awful
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  10. Spot where the line is set?

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  11. i thought these guys looked a like
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  12. Since this is purposeful, scientific research, I will say 30 minutes.
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  13. you drink Jules...Jules you drink.
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