1. Change it to Duck Duck Go. Fuck google. It's against their values to help our Troops, but they are perfectly fine with teaming up with the Chinese govt to help censor the internet and program the people.

    ...or you can picket and scream at cars, I guess.
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  2. Nah, everyone use Google.
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  3. Google has the best ads pop up first.
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  4. It really is amazing. Fuck OP and his "Ask Jeeves" suggestions.
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  5. Like moths to a flame burned by the fire....
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  6. idk man... i need a detailed description of Duck Duck Go's political stances before I can proceed.
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  7. Xquiv getting around on Bing maps.
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  8. The troops are gay
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    Originally Posted by Hughes4 View Post

    The troops are gay

    Your autism is showing, little boy.
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  10. merge with duck rape thread from 5 years ago
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  11. Spoken like someone who got to the party more than a few years late. DDG certainly has it's place, but Google is just fine by me for most daily usage.
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  12. My computer has Bing as default and they suckkkkkk compare to google.

    It always gets offended when I go to google.
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