1. 1/8, just busted 2nd with AA vs 88 on JJ8TA board

    tourney 323010832 5.50 ante up

    only making this cause i haven't made a FT in ages, i have been a bubble master and even a 562 first prize is something to be excited for

    i guess you can transfer this to PD, although OT love would be warranted too
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  2. glgl tid!!!!
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  3. Nice run.

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  4. I agree with wanta. oh, and good luck withthe game or whatevs, op
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  5. sighhhhhhhh, i wish i could run good sometime

    good work!
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  6. coongrats
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  7. 4th, AQ > 76 on Q97 board, awesome...still not doing much
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