I hated watching it - just constantly reminded me that I have to open up my game. I struggle with it so much because I spend so much time in that 20 - 25 bb range.

So true what he said that most pple should be opening close to 3x when semi deep. I did a mini experiment the other day and started opening everything with 2.2x. Disaster, 3 or 4 callers every pot. Maybe it was during the weekend that had a something to do with it, but regardless, it didn't work out too well.

I watch good players, both live and online, that effectively open alot of pots, trying to take as many pots as they can, sometimes risking dropping into that re-steal stack territory by not being afraid to double or triple barrel when it's appropriate. It's definitely tougher to play against these good lags than good tags.

Great video though.