So, i've never really ventured outside of MTT's/S+G's, however i live in florida, and there has always been a cap in every casino, where even at 5/10 ( pretty much highest game u can find here ) you could only max buy in for $100, needless to say it was a joke.

A law is being passed, that should take effect in about a month, thats going to remove the cap, and actually have some real cash games..

I plan to get some crash courses on cash game stratagy, but my question is, is how profitable can is playing like a live 5/10 game, where you only see like 35 hands per hour?

If anyone has ever played in a flroida casino, you'd know, how AWLFUL these players are, IMO. I'm shocked if i see one guy at a table playing well. They just will do the most stupid shit..

I'd say the .10/.25c games online have better players then most of these 5/10 games in flroida.

If the games are reallyyy soft, can it be pretty damn profitable? i'd take it they obv. can, but by how much, 35 hands per hour seems so little.

Any input would be great, or anything. Thanks