Another HPT Ruling.....
  1. Dont know why but seems like everytime I play an HPT event something weird happens that requires the floor being called. It has nothing to do with HPT but Ive made 2 of these posts now and both were in HPT events. I did read the HPT rules this time and I couldnt find anything that dealt with this.

    Satty Tournament with 15 min levels. I point this out because I didnt like the ruling but due to everyone bitching that it was taking to much time I moved on instead of calling a supervisor. This ruling was actually made by another dealer who was acting as a brush at the time.

    UTG min raises , Button calls out of turn, I call UTG+1 then Button calls in turn and BB calls also. No problem there with buttons action just saying it happened.
    Flop comes out and BB immediately says all-in with a somewhat small stack. UTG folds and its on me. Flop looks to me to hit a Buttons limping range hard so Im deciding what to do....eventually I call when Button looks disinterested.
    As soon as I call BB turns over his hand as Im putting my chips in the middle, everyone at the table but me saw his hand as he realized his mistake and flipped them back over. Button then immediately says All-in. Utg says "I saw his cards" and several players including the button say they did too. The action is back on me as I just called BB's shove and Button has almost as many chips as I do.... I say the Button made his action after seeing BB's cards I should see them also now before making my decision. Dealer says no, Brush is called and says No also. I call Bullshit but the table starts complaining that the hand is already taking to long as it is and so I let it go.

    Shoudnt I have had the same info the Button had in making my decision?? Seems pretty cut and dried to me, what am I missing here??
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  2. I would absolutely flip out if that were me. If the rules let that slide I'd never play there again.

    EDIT: And if the rest of the table were complaining I would tell them to complain to the dealer who is making an obviously unfair ruling, and one that specifically disadvantages you and not them.
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  3. Yea I should have called for a supervisor. A buddy of mine who is a circuit dealer ckd with a higher up at HPT and confirmed that though there is no specific rule and its a tough spot still I should have had any info the Button had. Perhaps the Brush did not understand that the button acted AFTER seeing the cards. Thats the only explanation that makes sense.
    Im not usually 1 who backs away from pitching a fit when necessary but that may have been the least of the mistakes I made in this hand in hindsight. Hopefully I get it right next time.
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  4. Talked to another higher up today and he said the ruling was correct. Each player at the table is responsible to collect any information given by another player ON HIS OWN. If I didnt see it because I wasnt looking that is my mistake and can not be corrected. If anyone had told me the cards they could have been penalized and of course had the player who exposed his hand not been eliminated he would have gotten a penalty.
    If it had been a proven case of the player intentionally showing the other player his hand that would be an entirely different matter and both players could have possibly been ejected from the tourny.
    As it was he said the ruling was entirely correct. Listening to the way he explained it I now believe it was the correct ruling
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  5. From my HPT experiences in Blackhawk, CO if a player exposes his or her hand before the hand is forfeited and so are the chips in play.
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