1. So I was playing the $500 at the Brantford, Ontario casino. I had just lost a pot which crippled me to 3 bb. I get J8 in the CO, folds to me - I ship. Nit to my left on the button (who was actually the one who crippled me) looks at his hand, looks to his left and asks "What are you guys doing?". I snap freaked out as he was clearly asking if the blinds would fold so he could call. The dealer doesnt say a thing and the guy is staunchly defending his right to table talk during the hand. I kind of lose my cool and begin berating him and he makes the suggestion to call the floor.

    The floor comes over and receives this explanation. Imagine my surprise to hear that he has not actually broken any rule and that it is simply a matter of etiquette. I basically laughed at this joke of a ruling and was then berated by the original table talker. This same guy after all this is still waiting to act on the hand (someone calls clock eventually and he says hes going to wait to the last second just to be a dick) and folds KQ - lol.

    My buddy adamo123, who had busted out of the tourney already, sees this ruling and goes off on the poker staff - eventually getting kicked out of the poker room. lol.

    The floor comes back and lets the guy know that if he does it again its a 10 min penalty. He ends up busting next, and to his credit, apologizes to the table.

    Imagine how juicy the game is where even the card room staff dont know basic rules haha. Dear Brantford casino - get your shit together.

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  2. fuck the floor. talk to the card room owner or OLG
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  3. that is absurd, wow
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  4. I have played 2 tournaments there and have experienced no problems. That is all I can offer
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  5. You're right. That is definitely up there with the worst rulings. That wasn't a matter of etiquette. That is a clear cut attempt at collusion on his part.
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  6. i guess its all in dealer training,and good dealers i would like too think make more money per hour on top of tips,i know a ton of dealers tht will rectify tht problem real quick and than again i could think of some really passive dealers
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