1. Hey guys I'm making a trip up to Windsor march 16-19. I was eyeing the 225 Tourney they run every 3rd saturday of the month. I was wondering if anyone has ever played in this. What are the turnouts and structures like? Any insight on the kind of action or players there?

    Also if any of you guys are going to be there let me know. I am going up with a couple buddies from school and we've never been. Any insight on the best way to go about getting nugs? I figure i'll just ask around but will i have success? I am sure as hell am not bringing them through border patrol. As for strip clubs, best ones?

    Thanks for the help.
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  2. I used to just bring a nug each, if they flag your car for further inspection you just swallow it before you pull into the inspection area. ez game.
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  3. You must not be 21 if you are planning a trip to Windsor to play poker.
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  4. If you see a van driving around with "Cheetahs" written on the side with strippers hanging out the windows, GET IN!
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  5. Yes Md im not 21, obviously lol. So we should be on the lookout for cheetahs then?

    No one has ever played in this thing? Any information helps.
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  6. Have never been but I am told it's a pretty nice spot. As for finding nugs there must be some p5'ers from windsor!! Search the sortable rankings friend. glgl
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  7. Thanks for the help arty, sounds like a plan. Also, if anyone's from windsor, feel free to help me out--my trips relying on you.
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  8. Some buds and I are headed up from March 9 to the 13th. Looking forward, I'm under 21 as well.
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  9. Nice man good luck. You going to be playing any poker? You'll have to let me know how it goes for you guys.
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  10. The 3rd Sat $225 is pretty withered I believe. Only time I played it there were like 17 players and I shipped for like $2k. I'm pretty sure there are some weekends it doesn't even run. But you can expect a 2/5 game going almost every night and def on wkds. Really, really bad players frequent the game, as well as some solid players as well.
    As for buds you are prob best to follow players out to the smoking balcony and just ask around. Doubt anyone under 30 out there gives you anything but a straight answer. People pretty open about it I'm baked 100% of the time I'm there and the whole table/ staff knows it and would maybe joke about it if anything.

    Cheetah's easily the best strip club downtown. Let me know if looking for good bars.
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  11. Thanks for the good input man appreciate it. Yea definitely looking for good bars too and any other good things to do. I think were going to a spitfires game too, they any good? Were going to be there for 3 nights and i'm probably only playing poker one or two of them.
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  12. Chronkie, I will be playing poker... That is my main motive to go. We will definately be checking out cheetah's. And iamthedeck I would appreciate any info you have on nightlife/ general attractions in the area, as we'll be for there four 4 days.
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  13. Alright here's the scoop on the bars. It really depends what you're looking for. A lot of the Americans/ out of towners go to Voodoo on Thurs/Sat and those can be some pretty wild nights if you make it one. Bitches dancing on the bar, booty shaking contests, just a good party with prob the youngest crowd. Other good party bars that play hip/hop and dance music are Revival or Mynt, but the crowd will be a little more reserved/ local. Still good party tho. Good bars to start off the night are Papa Cheney's or The Manchester (live music chill atmosphere). Other than the bars and casino there isn't much to do in Windsor. The nice thing about the bars is there are all packed pretty close together. Take advantage of it, the nightlife is actually pretty fkn awesome if you ask me. Good luck at the tables and with the ladies, will be expecting a trip report!
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    Reason: Cheetah's is a 5 min walk from everywhere
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    Originally Posted by Arty_the_Cat View Post

    Have never been but I am told it's a pretty nice spot. As for finding nugs there must be some p5'ers from windsor!! Search the sortable rankings friend. glgl

    Every time I've been there I've seen Chapmoney there. Mike can probably help you out with anything as he always seems to know everyone....
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  15. Excellent, excellent advice i appreciate it man. How's the 1/2 game looking? If the 2/5 is juicy id imagine that 1/2 would be as well... Is there a cap? Also, are you going to be up there playing at all that weekend?
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  16. 1/2 is pretty weak for action to be honest. $200 max. I'll prob be at school that wkd if not will let you know.
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  17. Damn, that's pretty disappointing. I can't be blowing all my cheetah's money at the tables. Can you give me the scoop on the daily tournaments they run there too? Are there any worthwhile sit n go's? Sorry for the bombardment of questions, I am obviously excited.
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  18. Thanks for the info guys. I am interested on the tourney's/ action as well... I am taking a small roll (probably $500) and I also don't want to blow all of my "play" money.

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  19. I've only been there once, for a morning tourney and the turnout was pretty bad. Don't know about the nightly weekend tourneys. I would just give the poker room a call to see how many runners the tourney you're interested in has been getting recently.
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  20. morning tournaments are pretty weak prob around 30 runners, nightlys get around 50, and the Sat $130 or w/e gets about 40 or 50. I would call and see if there are any shows, the poker room is muuuch better on the night of a show.
    There are always a few 1/2 games running, I just meant the action is usually pretty withered.
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  21. I will be there from Friday Night until Tuesday. I am would like to play at least one tourney, preferably two, and the rest of the time just grind some 1/2. Thanks again for the info, is more than helpful.
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  22. demanding a trip report!
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  23. So unfortunately I wasn't able to hit the tables as i had planned. Two of the four kids I went with had never played holdem before and the only other was, even by my standards, a complete donk. So i decided that I would hold off. Although this was the whole reason I went in the first place I managed to have an excellent time.

    Just because I wasn't able to hit the poker room doesn't mean I wasn't able to degen. Coming in, I was a little concerned that my friends would not want to spend as much time in caesar's as I did but that was hardly a problem. In the 3.5 days we were there we probably made 15+ trips to the casino. Still, we managed to get more heat from security checking our IDs than we did when crossing the border--Definitely going to try and bring some nugs across next time.

    Spending only an hour or two there at a time was key to us not blowing all our cheetah's money too quickly. All 4 of us were running super hot the first night and were flying high. We could not have possibly run any better the first night we were there. Not only did all of us blackjack noobs manage to bag a couple hundred each in wins but we had several much larger scores.

    Literally 30 minutes into our trip we had our first big score. Just as we finished unpacking we decided to hit the elevator to go walk around town. We hop on and there's two black men standing in the elevator. Solid start right? The four whitest kids you imagine funnel in, grinning at the thought of the degen weekend we had ahead of us. In order to break the ice in the awkward, semi-crowded elevator we shoot the black men a quick hello. They instafire back with the "you guys like weed?" line. WHAT THE FUCK? First of all, since when are there black people in canada? And seconldy, how'd they know? So in the 30 second, 14 floor descent we manage to find someone to potentially hook us up with bud. They tell us that they will meet us in the back of the building in 5 minutes with the goodies. I didnt know whether to shit or cream myself. We're meeting two black men behind a hotel in the dark, trying to pick up drugs literally a half hour into our trip. The deal goes pretty much as good as we could have anticipated. They were only able to give us a g, but that would suffice for a night or two. I'm sure we got waxed, but when we weren't expecting the nugs to find us, we were more than happy with it. So, of course we head straight back up to the room and torch up.

    Now comes the second big score of the night. As we are heading back from our first session with winnings in our pockets we see the van. Yep, the cheetah's van. A solid 6 was behind the wheel, so we were a little skeptical as she hands us 4 coupons for half off admission. For my good bud matt, this was by far his biggest win of the night. Although he had probably been up close to 300 at this point, the $5 off coupon had him spazzing hard. He wouldn't stop talking about going. We decided however that we would hold off as we had a couple full days ahead of us. We went back to the hotel room, slammed our recently purchased duty-free bottles while dreaming of coming back to ohio thousands richer.

    The next day the nugs and riches dwindled quickly. As I have a pretty good understanding of variance and house edge, this came as no surprise to me. However, the others didn't expect to ever leave caesar's as losers. Now that we are fiending for some more nugs and regretting the $100 coinflips on roulette we need something to cheer us up. "CHEEEEEEEEEEETAH'S, Cheetah's cheetah'ss cheetah's" Matt yelled. Being the only single one, he was by far the most set on going. The rest of us were a little hesitant, but no never crossed our minds. If only one of the strippers looked as good as the one on the coupon we'd be happy. We were off to cheetahs.

    Not really knowing what the fuck we were doing, as we had never been to strip clubs before, we aimlessly draw closer to the pink light illuminating the fog. We are greeted by some crackwhorish woman with a fat wad of cash, telling us about $5 tall boys downstairs. We then meander to the left door, which goes upstairs. Dumbfounded and feeling like lost like toddlers at the mall we stroll around trying to find a place to sit. "hey there's some loveseats over here, you guys wanna pop a squat?" As we are eyeing up our seat, we realize that every other love seat is occupied by a beer bellied degen getting grinded on by a stripper. Maybe this spot isn't for us. We move over to a table, buy a round of drinks for something like $40 and watch the show.

    After being accosted by several lackluster strippers, I have my eyes on the prize. Some tatted up, walmart shopping, purse wielding woman comes up to me and again asks me if i want a dance. I politely decline but tell her my buddy Matt really wants one. I pay her the standard 20, and whisper in her ear some special instructions, while giving her an additional twenty. A few minutes later matt comes back, half chubbed and in a heavenly daze. He smiles and saying how "fucking awesome" that was and explains to me how he thinks she farted near his face. I wasn't exactly sure that the 20 had been enough for her to follow my 'special instructions', but nonetheless i was ecstatic. Now that i think about it, i'm sure that's not the most outlandish request she's gotten for 20 bones.

    Leaving cheetah's a couple hundred or so later, we were true winners. We head back to the room, do our thing on the bottles and hit the hay. The next day we all wake up in self-induced blurrs, trying to puzzle together the events of last night. We head off to caesar's for our last full day, wanting to set things right at the tables. Our wallets were feeling a little thin, so obviously we go to straight to Lucy (our favorite middle aged, somewhat attractive blackjack dealer). After we make some significant donations we decide we are going to take the rest of the night off. We head to legends sports bar to place our wagers.

    We had been sweating some march madness games all weekend but now that we are down a little more money we wanted to make our sweats last a little longer. Legends is quite possibly the shittiest sports betting operation i have ever witnessed. I am not necessarily sure if this is standard or not but you can only bet parlays? What the fuck is that? So we place our bets, which are now significantly smaller since the wallets are hurting and head off to Loose Goose. We have the most amazing wings of our life, possibly thanks to the 4 pitchers we had previously consumer. We were glued to our seats for nearly 4 hours on a sunday night playing CCR for every, seemingly endless, round of drinks. Our waitress was soaking up every opportunity to fuck one of us over with just the pull of a card. Amazingly, out of the 10ish times that we played, my card didn't get pulled once. I was the winner.

    Monday morning comes, our livers are in almost as much pain as our overdrafted bank accounts, but we still manage to pack up and make the noon cehck out time. We vow not to make any bets at caesar's when we go to cash in the last of our remaining chips. Surprisingly, we were able to hold to that. Anyways, we end up leaving the casino down well into 4 figures combined. It was, however, worth every penny.

    I have every intention of making a trip back there soon. This time I am going to take the cards a little more serious and hopefully come back with a little more cash than i show up with.
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  24. ^^^ *Cliffs*
    Paid a stripper $20 to fart in buddies face.
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  25. you really payed the stripper to fart in his face? That's raw man.
    And yeah you can't bet on a single game in Ontario. Kinda dumb... I guess parlaying doesn't seem as degen in government's eyes.
    The strip club is fun if you've never been but you shoulda checked out the clubs that's where the real action is.
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  26. Yea man I know, it was wild up there too being st. patty's day. We ended up just getting so slammed during the day games that we were content on just chilling at sports bars. Pretty pathetic I know. Anyways, I will have to let you know next time I am going up there to see if you're going to be in the area or not.
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  27. I think the strip clubs in Windsor are lame. at least last time I was there. NO touching and no grinding by them. Who wants an air dance?
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