1. Anyone ever play at any of the charity poker rooms in SE Michigan? I'm thinking about going to Cada's and Snooker's for a little tourney and cash game action. Anyone have any opinions of these places. Tourney turnout or cash game action? Thanks in advance.
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  2. I spend some time in Auburn Hills throughout the year for work. I've played about 15 tourneys at Snookers in Utica so here is what I can tell you:

    1) They take 20% for charity... so yeah, long term it is terrible, but you can't find good multi table tourneys in this area so sometimes you have to suck it up.
    2) Nightly $30 tourneys are garbage. You get 10k in chips and 20 min levels which is fine, but you are going to try and play 6 hours for a top prize of about $800 and drastic lower amounts from there... usually get 100+ people but if you just min cash you are looking at $40.
    3) Friday 7pm $50 (11k chips) and Sunday 4pm $100 tourney often gets 100+ people. 15k in chips and 20 min levels is decent. Competition is not 'tough' but is much tougher than the $30. The $50 pays about $1700 to first and the $100 about $2800-3400
    4)They rotate their Sunday noon tourney - $150 plo/NL round x round - only got 41 people last time I played it. $150 heads up - max 64. 5k chips and 10 min levels makes it a total crap shoot until finals when you get 10k. The best value by far is the $250 monthly... it has a max of 60 players and sells out by 11:30 so register early. You get 30k in chips and 30 min levels. Starts at noon and final table is reached around 8-9pm... so yeah, long day but you have room to play. Pays 5k to first and like $500 to 6th... Obviously the skill level increases from the other tournies, but I've gone deep 3 out of 3 times... really need to pick spots and when it gets to 2 tables you still have a little room to work if you can keep a 35+ bb stack.

    As is typical of these places, the entire final table starts looking for chops immediately. I just hold my ground until it feels like a good deal is out there. If you are a chip leader definitely try to take advantage of the situation to chop for more than you should probably get. They ALWAYS vote to pay the bubble because if it is under 100 entries it doesn't pay 10 spots.

    I've won/chopped/or final tabled etc the $30/$50/$100/$250 and $150 rxr... so about a 1/3 final table rate over 15 tourneys. Your tables will vary greatly from total donkfest to some seriously good players. What I learned is that people just don't want to drive 30 miles to Detroit to play at the casinos when they can stay close to home and play tournaments that take several hours...That means a diverse crowd for sure.

    I don't play cash at the charity rooms but Snookers runs a wild round x round plo/nl game with a $300 buy in 1/2 and a button straddle that usually has lots of huge stacks in it.
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  3. I live around the area. Most of the cash game action is at Snookers in that area. There are more in and around western Wayne County that I know better. I have been to Cadas and Snookers many times and I must say that the tournaments there are better structured than any other charity tournament in the state. Also, snookers runs smoother just about all of the casinos that I have ever played at. It really is a joy to go in there and know that youre not going to get jumped on the list or get screwed on a ruling.
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  4. Yeah - Snookers tourneys are run very well. They are just really strict with some of the rules which helps keep situations calm. Chips go over the line, they stay in the pot, no exceptions. Don't announce raise and throw in anything less than a full size raise, it's a call, no exceptions. Etc, etc... they are also very good at moving people as needed to correct positions. Dealers are for the most part well trained as well - obviously a few exceptions, but generally very good. Best part is that they always start on time... I mean, right on time.
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  5. well i don't go that often but i feel like i'm kind of an expert on these places. Go to Snookers, skip Cada's for now. Cada has a higher reg percentage, it's been lowering since the opening but you'll find bigger field sizes and more fish at Snookers. Also Snookers blows away all the other nearby places since they have the best structure you can find next to Cada's. Cada's has better structure but they just opened in November so they don't have their regular fish customer base as well built.

    20% is taken out of the prize pool which means it's a 25% rake. 80+20=100. Just something to think about when considering your ROI. it's really good value in my opinion at the 30 dollar level since you won't find live tournaments at that buyin with better rake. Casinos just don't offer a lot of 25 dollar tournaments. Like you'll rarely see a 60+15 at a casino. At snookers on Friday, it's 50 instead of 30 and there's a bigger field cause it's Friday. Friday is not tougher than other weekdays, it just has more people cause of weekend, this applies to the night saturday tournament as well. Sunday and the high buyin saturdays have tougher field since the buyin is higher. No random moms just chilling. I don't see the point of playing a high buyin tournament at a charity room, you can get better rake at a casino.

    If you are gonna drive down to play, make sure you bring enough to play some cash before or after.

    I think live poker has a lot of value on Friday and Saturday nights.
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  6. Great input guys. Appreciate it.
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  7. Snookers by far. You never have to wait for a cash game. Tournys are ok. If you are a good player you will know where you are in each hand in the tourny. These guys are not tricky. Solid play will get you to the final table. No need to get creative. the old saying " it is hard to tell a deaf guy a good story" applies here. They don't pay attention to position or what you might have in your hand. if you make a hand bet the piss out of it. If they have top pair you have all their chips.

    I think people shy away from Cada's because it is all of Joe's friends playing. I think the thought is why play vs Joe and his buddys in a cash game.
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  8. I played at the River last night. Finished 4th out 70. $40 buy in 30k in chips, 20 minute levels. Not a bad tourny.
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  9. I just checked out the site for the River. The buy ins look really small except for the $200 tourney at the end of the month. What was the prize pool for the tourney you played Duff?
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  10. I think it was total of $2200. $750 for 1st. I got $250 for 4th. Yes the buy in are low. I think Windsor is the best bet for higher buy ins. But these other rooms on Saturday and Sundays you can usually find a $100 buy in or $200. Windsor at the end of May is having a $1,000 buy in. I played that last time and they got about 220 people. Keep your eye out for Toledo Hollywood Casino that is due to open end of May. It will be a WPT venue and will have a few series type tournies. It is only an hour drive from Auburn Hills.
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  11. Nice
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  12. Palace Poker Room in Flint is alright but nothing special. Gets 2/5 round by round on Sunday and Wednesdays. Always has 1/2 games running. Nightly tournaments as well. I'm there drinking as an added bonus.
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  13. I know Al (the owner) up in Flint. it is alright but even Al goes to Snookers when he plays. I don't play round by round but Snookers usually has two tables going. I live half way between Flint and Snookers and I go to Snookers. Snookers is safer. Rougher crowd in Flint. They did have two robberys and one shooting there.
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  14. What is round by round?
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  15. round of NL holdem then a round of PLO
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  16. Anybody ever go to shark club up in north Waterford? I have not been there in a few years but the action was sick there. These guys were playing 1-2 like it was 5-10
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  17. Shark Club is closed afaik
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  18. So I made my first trip to play charity poker this weekend and it was quite entertaining to say the least. I started at Cada's because I wanted to play their 2pm $100 NL holdem tourney and maybe some cash. When I got there a little after noon there was no one there. The guy doing registration said that they usually only get 20 or so for the tourney and the cash games don't get going until around 2:30 so I decided to just go over to Snookers. Got there and I was much busier with their round by round tourney already going along with cash games. I decided that I would play some $1/2 and then hop in the 2pm $30 if the cash wasn't going well. Got seat after about 10 minutes and the table played 7 handed for a bit. The fireworks started early as UTG straddled to 10 with only the BB coming along. Somehow they got it all in on a 7,6,3,2 board on the turn. The turn brought another 6 and the BB flipped over 7,2 while the UTG straddler showed A,6. I was shocked to say the least. The rest of my cash session went pretty badly. Go up a little bit but then lost a big pot 99<Q9 after flopping my set and then I bust my stack KK<44. The tourney was starting in 15 minutes so I hoped in that. It got about 80 runners and the play was absolutely atrocious the entire time. I mean laughably bad. They were still limp folding with less than 10bbs at the FT. I was able to make the FT but with the structure being so fast I wasn't able to win any of the flips that I needed and I busted 6th. I'll definitely be going back to Snookers in the future.
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  19. the electric slick in westland gets 100+ runner tourneys quite often
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  20. Snookers Trip Report:

    So I went to Snooker for the 1st time for the afternoon 2pm $30 tourney. I walk in and first impression is it's avg for a poker room, not the worst and far from the best. I walk to the main counter and ask where to register for the tournament, I register and get directed to the floor manager since I wanted to ask a few questions. The floor manager is in an argument with a player who's hand(which was a full house) was mucked after a showdown with him all in. He didn't turn it over right away and pushed his cards forward and the dealer just reached out and mucked them. The player was pissed, and I gathered all this from the conversation and from people who were at the table. Some said it seemed to them he was mucking his hand but since he had the better hand that doesn't make sense because he was all in. So whatever I don't know the truth but the player was yelling at the floor guy then went back to his seat eventually.

    Now here is what I did see and was disgusted by, both players and dealers who weren't active at the time came up to the floor guy and instead of telling them what had happened he was being very disrespectful of the player who was wronged. He was taking it personally and instead of setting a good example and calming the situation he was making it worse and mocking the player behind his back but what do you expect for a floor guy at a place like this, guess I'm just used to being around and dealing with highly professional people. This gave me a very poor first impression of the place but we poker players have a ability to over look a lot of crap for a good opportunity to make some profit.

    The tourney usually gets 50 I was told by several players but that day it was only 29, paying 3 spots. I played tight to start with just rags mostly and watched a couple of players at my table play every pot, call down really light, and generally just spew while the rest seemed passive but all of them were easy to read. I won a big pot w/ JJ when it came J22 busting a player then I 3 bet shoved KK and was snap called by the loosest player at the table with AJss, my kings held and when I got to the final table I was 2nd in chips.

    I picked two good late position spots to squeeze but they both went as wrong as possible, in the BB shoved and I was committed and in the other I 3bet a guy with a few less chips than me when I was on the button then the who had 6BBs called and I ended up just checking down with 99 after it came AT76T with the other guy having JJ and the SB having an Ace for the main pot. We got down to 5 and decided to pay 4th and 5th their $30, I agreed because I was 4th in chips, 4 of the 5 of us had about the same and one guy was way ahead after busting a few players.

    I made it to 3 handed and I was the short, we decided to pay 2nd and 3rd each $180 and 1st would get $275(before that 3rd was $135) So I was happy with the deal considering I had less than 10bbs. I made it heads up and eventually got it to 3-1 advantage being my opponent, we had been playing around 5 hours and I had somewhere to be so we chopped at that point. $220 to me(I had 6bbs at that point, he had 18bbs) $235 to him, so I was happy with the deal once again. I was def lucky my hands held and was happy with my decision even in the hands that didn't work out I lost the min.

    I would def go back and I would like to play some of the larger fields and higher buy-ins. The dealers were good, my impression was maybe 5 players including me out of the 30 that played were solid(I didn't get to play with all of them obv but just my impression) Not to mention I watched the 1/3 round by round cash going while I was waiting for the tourney to start and loose doesn't do it justice, that game is juicy and from what I saw could be a good full time job for a talented PLO/NLHE grinder.
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