1. So I recently was invited to a 1/2 home game and when I got there the table was really nice, there were a full 9 players with people coming in every few hours to join as others busted out and everyone there loved to talk poker. The problem I am running into is almost everyone bought in for $50 with a few at $100 and would keep rebuying for $50 a pop as they busted out. 5-6 people were seeing the flop with most hands limping in. I played tight and when I had a hand would raise to 5x which narrowed it down to 4-5 ppl seeing the flop with me. After observing a few hours I don't think anyone is a good player or really paying attention. My pocket aces were called pre by a K 10 off-suit and got cracked. I kept my cool but the variance is so high and set mining doesn't seem worth it the first few hours because most people's stacks aren't big enough yet. I was looking for some advice on things to try, other than raise 6x, 10x, however much I have to until I thin the field. Would it even be worth check-raising or 3-betting light in a game like this? Should I play more hands since I can get in cheaply or just wait till I have JJ+ and shove a lot of chips in? By the end of the night there was a good chunk of money on the table but my big hands kept getting beaten from long shot draws even when I'm making 3/4 pot sized bets. Any advice?

    I also should mention that I sat down with about $180 and after the pot getting bloated and losing 3 big hands (over 3ish hours) I didn't buy back in this time.
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  2. Best thing to do is keep playing in that game. The long shot draws won't keep winning. If players are starting out short and getting deeper later than set mining won't get involved till later when players are deeper and you are looking at winning 10-1 if you flop. In these types of games I like to limp a bit more hands if the table is passive enough pre. I'll be limping pretty much everything except for big pairs, such as 2 face cards, suited connectors, small to mid pairs. Players aren't deep enough so you are getting better implied odds if you play these hands small. They miss most of the time so risk as little as possible pre and bomb away for value against the calling stations.
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