Heartland Poker Tour 2017
  1. I've read a few posts about the Heartland Poker Tour here, but they're all a bit dated. Anyone played in an HPT event lately, like in the past year? Thoughts and suggestions welcomed.
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  2. From your location and the timing of your question Ill assume your thinking about playing the Vicksburg event next week.

    Its 1 of if not the smallest venue on the tour , last years 1100 main event drew 180 or so players. If i remember correctly we had about 250 in event #1 a $20K guaranteed.

    There was a HPT Event in new orleans a few months ago that drew a good bit of interest so im thinking there will be more players at this 1 than last year but nothing like a Beau Rivage tourny for sure.

    The structures are great and the fields are usually pretty weak so its definitely playable. Vicksburg is sort of out of the way and its a small riverboat casino so I guess thats y its doesnt have a bigger draw.

    As far as accommodations , Ive never heard anyone brag about the hotel there. Im within driving distance so never stayed there myself. Food is not A+ either. a small bar type place downstairs that you cant order, eat and make it back during the break. Then a buffet upstairs that isnt bad but lines are long.

    I would read up on the house rules when you get there and listen up when the TD does the pre tourny stuff cus they had a few weird ones last time i played there. I think they misinterpret some of the HPT rules. 1 I hope they changed is any forward motion of your cards after the river is dealt and the action is on you or at showdown is a muck...whether they cross the line, your hands or on them, whatever. If you pushed them forward at all your hand was dead.
    Just crazy stuff like that . They dont run many tournys there and I dont think the house staff is all that clear on the HPT rules. HPT usually has some people there as well but it doesnt seem like its their "A Team".
    Despite how rough I may have made it sound I look forward to it and wouldnt miss it for anything.
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  3. Thanks for the summary allynlong, I was thinking about making the drive to play the main this weekend. I like the structure and I figured all the best players would either be in Choctaw or Cherokee. Is there any cash game action at all there? Bravo isn't showing much right now.
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  4. Theres usually always a table or 2 running and on weekends as many as 5 but its very low stakes. 1/2 or 1/3 NL and people buyin for $50- $300 max from what ive seen. Probably Saturday they may get a 1-2 PLO going that will be slightly deeper stacked but not much.
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