Hypothetical Situation
  1. I had a talk with a fellow pokerplayer on a hypothetical situation i never seen before, and i bet you didn't either. Im just wondering if you see this happen what you think the ruling should be? What should happen?

    You are on a 1/2 nl cashgame live, and 2 players are in the hand on the river and theres 500 dollars in the pot. 1 player goes allin for say 500 dollars and now the other player is thinking whether to call or not. Pretty standard so far right? Then... Someone not in the hand just goes nuts and decides to reach over and flipup the persons cards faceup who shoved allin. Obviously horrible etiquette but what would happen in this situation? What if he showed 8 high? Then the other guy can just call with his J high lol and win? what if he had top set. now the thinker will fold middle set when he wouldnt of? What is the fairest ruling? Chop pot wouldnt be fair either. Before you say"protect your hand"ill say lol cmon nobody in the world protects from an unwanted guy invading your personal space.

    I cant think of a fair way to make it fair for both players, can you?
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  2. Fair ruling would be that the third person gets a life ban from the casino, and possibly arrest. According to the official rules, the guy whose cards have been exposed after his failure to protect them has no redress if the hand is declared live and the other player is allowed to call. However,n the floor mighty rule that in the interest of a fair game, the guy who shoved with air can take back the amount of the bet and the other wins the pot.
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