1. Dear PocketFives Community Forums,

    Napa Valley Casino is seeking to find new props for the casino. Props must be able to play both Texas Hold'em and Omaha Hi/Lo. If you are interested in the position send contact information to Chenderson@bvkgaming.com

    Thank You.
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  2. Thanks for posting, Chris. Napa Valley Casino officials told us that they're interested in bringing on board a few friendly faces who don't mind playing Omaha and Hold'em. The card room is located just outside of the Bay Area, so if you live around there and want to give it a shot, e-mail Chris at Chenderson@bvkgaming.com.
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  3. I would love a job like that. Unfortunately I live in SD
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    Originally Posted by yjbrewer View Post

    I would love a job like that. Unfortunately I live in SD

    Sorry, bud. Luckily you have a few card rooms there to hit up too like Harrahs Rincon.
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  5. Harrah's Rincon is in the SanDiego, CA area, not South Dakota.
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  6. This is great. I think I might get more info on this. I live in the area and think this would be a great opportunity. Thanks for the post NVC and P5.
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