1. So I have really been trying to get some consecutive winning poker sessions going. I play low limit poker in the casino, 3/6 limit, and I am trying to make a living at it. I have had mixed results, I can't seem to get some momentum going, the game is action oriented and I can barely make a pair. When I have a pocket pair it is seldom good, and I have been trying to play solid top ten hand poker, and it seems that it does not always translate into success. I know my story isn't as exciting or captivating as some of the other stories in this forum, but I am going to make an effort to document my exploits as far as attempting to be successful at low limit poker. Here is what I encountered today, July 25, 2012 3/6 limit poker buy in $60

    The very first hand I got when I sat down was J 10 diamonds and even though I was second to act and am attempting to make an effort to play solid top ten hand poker, I called the $3 bet. The flop came Kh 10h 7s six way action checked to the button, who bet $3 then one call and then a raise, I fold. Turn card is 9d and river is 10c with triple action betting on the river bet raise then re raise, button had pocket sevens, the guy to my right had 9 10 off suit. Nice hand, nice pot. Next hand 9 4 off suit in the big blind, gotta fold even though the flop is A 9 8, I figured I would save some money. I don't remember what I had in the small blind but I folded, there goes another dollar.

    So before the blind comes around again, I get two black Queens, second to act, I just limp in for $3 4 people call, the flop is 9s 4c 8d, pretty safe for my hand, I bet $3 with 2 callers. Next card Ac and I might as well throw my hand away, no one folds any ace in this cheap limit game but I check and then the then the guy closest to the button bets and for some reason I call. The five of hearts comes on the river and the button leads out again and I stare at him for about 25 seconds and I just can't call. The guy two spots to my left calls and the button turns over 9 8 off suit and the guy two spots to my left has ace seven off suit. I was beat in two spots and hands like mine seldom hold up after the river. It's almost unplayable unless you flop a set. There goes another $12. I get King 3 off suit in the big blind and fold to a raise, and next hand fold my small blind, another $4.

    So second to act I get two black Jacks and limp in for $3, 2 people call and then the button raises and I just call. The flop is Ah Qc 7h, nice hand but I am already folding after a check and then a bet from late position. There goes another $6. So in the big blind the dealer deals my first card and when the next card comes back around and before I get it the 3c and I am thinking thank you for that, I will probably get a better hand now. I look down to see the first card I got to see what I would have had, and it is the 3 of hearts. The replacement card I get is the Queen of hearts. Not the worst card but after the flop comes out I say to the dealer, "come on" and proceed to fold my hand. The flop is 3d 7d 2c. Right about this time I know I am going to be pressing. The turn is the Queen of diamonds and the river the six of hearts. Turns out the guy on the button had 4 5 off suit and made a straight on the river. I ended up saving money but, that is just an example of how it is going currently. I fold the small blind and there goes another $4.

    So I'm in first position and I get King of hearts and Queen of spades, I limp in for $3, with 3 callers. The flop is Js 7c Jc and I can't fold fast enough. There goes another $3. Next hand I'm in the big blind and I get a beautiful 8 2 off suit, someone raises and instant fold. Next hand I fold the small blind and there goes another $4. So after all that mess I am ready to get up and take a break for a minute, and when I am at the left of the dealer button I get pocket 7's. I limp in for $3 and the big blind raises, I call and the flop comes 4h Kd 6d, some one bets and since it's a pretty big pot and I have second pair I call. The next card is the Queen of diamonds and I can't wait to fold. There goes another $9, and another thrilling day of losing poker is not yet over as I still have $15 left.

    So I fold around until I am in the big blind and I get an astounding 8d 3c, I have to say that I am hurting. The flop comes 8s 8c 5c, and I just know there is no way that my hand is going to be good. The good thing is that if it is there are six people in the pot and the small blind leads out and bets. I call and the seat to my left calls and the next seat calls and the button calls, The pot is building. The turn is the 2s and the small blind leads out again and the rest of my money goes in 3 more people call and the river is the 4 of diamonds. This time every one checks and the button leads out and bets with only one caller. The guy turns over 8 2 off suit for a full house and my day is done. Nice hand and how the heck and why would you come into a pot with 8 2 off suit on any level for any price, wonderful.

    Needless to say that after a day like that, 1 and a half hours and I won exactly zero pots. Beautiful, and I can't wait to play again next week, unfortunately, I don't have a bank roll to fall back on, and I have to wait another week. I am really trying to play solid poker and I have made adjustments to tighten up my game and it seems that I still can't drag a freakin pot. Opinions, comments and questions are appreciated, thank you.
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  2. Stop limping your huge hands. Its a 3-6 limit game. Bloat those damn pots with big hands. You seemed to be playing scared poker more than good poker.

    Edit: I also think 1-2 with 100 buy in gives you a way better chance than 3-6 with 60 buy in. 50bbs>>>>>> 10 big bets IMO
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  3. In theory, people would fold to a pre flop raise, but you mentioned it earlier, it is 3/6 limit and people don't fold to pre flop raises with 9 8 off suit or ace anything. They are already priced in and all a pre flop raise does is make the pot bigger for someone else. I play scared poker because someone is frequently out flopping me and out drawing me so all a big pair really does is it makes it good enough to call my money off. People don't fold to pre flop raises in 3/6 limit, it just invites them to come into a bigger pot with any two cards.

    The only no limit games in the casino that I play at is a 2/4 $200 buy in and a $500 buy in with the same blind structure.
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  4. 3-6 limit poker is 'no fold 'em hold 'em' ... there are 4 or 5 people in EVERY pot. Even if you are by far the best player at the table, your skill edge will constantly be eroded by the clowns who simply won't fold and they then catch river miracles. You need to move up into the no limit hold em tables and forget about playing in the 3-6 limit bingo games...
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    Originally Posted by 13inches View Post

    3-6 limit poker is 'no fold 'em hold 'em' ... there are 4 or 5 people in EVERY pot. Even if you are by far the best player at the table, your skill edge will constantly be eroded by the clowns who simply won't fold and they then catch river miracles. You need to move up into the no limit hold em tables and forget about playing in the 3-6 limit bingo games...

    Ya and the rake relating to the pot size is usually too high IMO as well. As said above, best hand at the river wins in that type of game, not much play or trickery to be used. Drives me nuts also since the fl small stakes avg players are so terrible. Call with all your big draws if u have the odds, and charge the draws against your made hands and juice em for bets when you can. Higher limit fl games can have more fold equity and better play is more applicable and has better returns if players are playing tighter obv.
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  6. If the Casino you are playing at takes a bonus rake plus normal rake they are removing $5 every hand... thats 1 big bet for every pot that you play. Your goal in a Limit game esp is to make 1 big bet every hour or so. So they are taking your profit everytime you win a pot any ways. If you watch for an hour they will prob color out the rake and you will see about $100 leave the table. In a game where the average joe is buying in for $100 its pretty much impossible to "make a living" even at 1/2 the rake will kill you.
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  7. The game that I play, every hand the casino takes $3 from the big blind and $1 small blind for the jackpot. Aces full of Kings or better get beaten the jack pot is about $11,500. A Royal Flush pays $250, personally I think a Royal Flush should get at least $1,000. They also have daily selected quads that pays $250, it used to be $1,000, but it was getting hit almost daily, sometimes twice. The best promotion that they have is aces cracked, if you get pocket aces and you lose they give you $100, not a bad promotion for that game, it keeps people in there.

    People don't fold pre flop in 3/6 limit, it's too enticing for them to try and draw to their weak hands. On the good side, if you have a strong hand and get the right flop, it is possible to get paid off. Some of the tables stimulate a lot of action pre flop at $12 max betting per player, that tends to create quite a pot. If you can win a couple of those pots, you will wind up with a comfortable stack. The bad side is that if you miss you wind up losing even more, and hands like top pair top kicker are a lot weaker in a game like this. I had pocket Kings one night and made a raise and the flop is Qc 8s 5h turn is Jd and river is 9d. I have to fold my hand on the river because the guy is basically saying he just made a straight and the other person in the hand had Queen eight. There goes another $20 when you can't afford to lose. I know that is part of poker, I once beat pocket kings when the guy flopped a set, and the straight came runner runner nine ten, and I bet him all in on the turn. I know that is a horrible play but he was checking every street, and it was a free roll tournament.

    Honestly the 3/6 game gets a little dry sometimes, people dwindling their money away trying to drag some pots. I noticed that 2 seats usually win, 2 seats stay about even, and the other 5 seats end up losing. Hoping to get the hot seat is part of the game. I have had days where I cashed out $400. I have had days where I lost over $200. If the action is slow and it gets into a fold fest, it gets to be exceedingly tough to win some pots. A couple of the things that I am trying to learn and get better at is, If you get $25 or more ahead, take your money and get off the table. Problem is, I am bound by the bus schedule and it is hard to leave any time you want to. I have to learn to get up and walk around sometimes. Also it is tough to get off the table when you know you have an hour bus ride there and back. This is part of the game I have to get better at.

    Another part of the game that I have to navigate better in is when you have a poor seat, and you are not making any hands, ask for a seat change and or table change. A move like this at the right time can save your stack. The problem is that sometimes, by the time you figure that out, more than half your stack could be already gone.

    I am trying to start winning consistently and it is getting tougher to do so. Some days are better than others, but I have lost 5 times in a row. The way I see it on a good day an $80 win is about where I would want it to be. Any thing more than that is a really good day. I have won more than $100 consecutively before and that is pretty sweet, but right now I am on the downside of that. Aces cracked comes in handy some times, It is something I have to learn to take a $25 to $40 win and keep it. Sometimes it just is so hard to win any pots at all.
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  8. Therivercost: Everyone here has told you you CANNOT beat the rake in 3-6 limit hold 'em, but you then ramble on about 'changing seats' and leaving the table when you are up $25. You are completely missing the big picture here. You can ride the bus to the casino and make $100 in one session playing 3-6, and the next day you will ride the bus to the casino and lose $100 playing 3-6 limit hold em. There is simply NO way you can earn a living playing 3-6 limit hold 'em, and the reason is the rake and the large numbers of bingo players who never fold in 3-6 limit hold 'em. You stated earlier your casino takes $3 rake and $1 bad beat jackpot accrual from every poker pot. Casino poker dealers strive to deal 30 hands per hour, so as per your rake figures 30 X 4 = $120. Most 3-6 limit poker players tip $1 toke per pot, so there is another $30 per hour leaving the table. Most poker players tip $1 per drink to cocktail waitresses, and if we estimate 2 drinks per hour, that is another $60 per hour that is LEAVING the 3-6 limit poker table. SO...lets add all this up...$120 plus $30 + $60 = $210. So there is roughly $210 per hour that is LEAVING the 3-6 limit poker tables and NOT landing in the stacks of the poker players. I once played in a 3-6 limit casino poker game (when I was first learning to play poker) that lasted ALL night with the same ten players and ALL ten of us LOST money because $200 per hour was automatically LEAVING the table ! You are fighting a war you simply CANNOT win when you ride the bus back and forth to the casino to play 3-6 limit hold 'em. If you are serious about making a living from poker, you need to grow your bankroll and move up to the no limit hold 'em tables..
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  9. Yeah buddy. You need to completely change your mindset towards poker if you are going yo be successful, ever. It's not about luck or having a hot seat. You have to push your small edges. Get that extra bet in when ahead and fold for that extra bet when behind. You cannot make a living at 3/6. You can kill time, eek out small wins. But you better have money coming in from somewhere else or have a big enough roll to run even until you hit a bad beat jackpot (which could be years).

    As far as pushing small edges, you have to tailor your play towards the game you play. If the game plays multiway to the river you have to play starting hands that will make sets or better. Top pair hands aren't going to cut it. Play high suited connectors and pairs preflop and when you flop big you play your hands fast. Yes you are going to lose more pots then you win but the your profit in the wins should be like 10x your losses in pots you fold.

    Also don't be in a rush to protect small wins. You should play as long as you are making correct decisions. In low limit games you will probably have more losing sessions then winning sessions but again bigger wins then losses. And finally it sounds like you are way underrolled. $60 buyins at 3/6 will not cut it. $100 downswings it that game should not even faze you.

    So, in retrospect, you are not approaching the game with the right mindset, you are underrolled, and you are not playing optimally. I know you look at the game play and feel you can bet them. You may be a good poker player but just not able to adjust to this specific game under these specific conditions. Find a different game or get a bigger roll before continuing.
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  10. After reading everyone's responses, they've covered what I was going to say. I'm saying it anyway just to reiterate it though. A $60 buy-in in a 3/6 game will not work. If you have 1 raise pre-flop that you call, then call 1 big bet on a later street, that's 20% of your entire stack gone. I have a hard time recalling any hand in any limit game I've ever played where it was just me and one other person in the pot. With multiple people in the pot, at lower limits listen to unemployable, set mining and Ax suited hoping someone makes a smaller flush is the way to go. You'll lose a lot, but win really big when you hit. Good luck man, you may be the best player at the table, but you gotta find a game that CAN be beaten.
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  11. Honestly I did not see the simple fact that there is over $150 leaving the table every hour, plus the occasional tip for the drinks, which may or may not be a frequent form of practice. So in reality there is close to $200 leaving the table every hour. A couple points to counter that theory is this, People are re buying when they bust, from any where between $40 to $100, usually in the $40 to $60. Also there is a nice promotion of aces cracked, if you get pocket aces and lose, they give you $100, that usually happens at least once every two hours, so that cuts into the rake and tips a little bit.

    I realize what you are saying, there is a lot of money leaving the table every hour, money that could potentially be going into our stacks. Here is another counter point to the aforementioned, I am not trying to beat the rake, I am trying to beat the other players at the table. Seemingly harder than it should be, but I am running bad right now. You have made some very valid points and illustrated some facts that I negated to account for. That explains a bit about why stacks seem to dwindle down on a frequent basis.

    I have to admit that lately my game has suffered and I have been going through a dry run where it has been tough to make some hands. I have been missing flushes, getting drawn out on with over pairs, I bluff on a draw here and there, in this one hand I even barreled away with bottom pair and this old guy called me down with the same bottom pair with a better kicker. Plays like that is something that I have to avoid. So I am trying to tighten up my game, and I wound up going through an hour and a half session without winning a single hand. There have been some days where I easily pulled $120 profit, some days I struggle to get to $80 and sometimes I have to grind for several hours to get a $40 win. There was a day where I bought in for $30 and I wound up getting aces cracked twice, that was nice. One Saturday I played from 2:00pm until 4:00am and walked off the table just shy of $400. Since that day I have lost 5 times in a row.

    It has been tough lately, I realize that there is limited potential in the 3/6 limit game, but it's not impossible. The reason I don't have a chance to play no limit right now is because I have actually no bank roll. I really am broke, I used my last $60 and went broke. I am starting from zero, I have some other income other than poker, but I have to find a way to generate more income playing poker. I should probably save some money until I can get into the no limit game, but I know that there is some money that can be had in the 3/6 limit game. I won a $3.30 seat in a tournament for a chance to win a seat in a $5,000 prize pool tournament on cake poker. There are currently 69 players with 10 seats available. I am sorry that I tend to write such long posts, I know that some people have a problem with that, I am simply conveying my thoughts as coherently and cohesively as possible.
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  12. keep learning on the side nd stop trying to get too fancy.
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  13. really entertaining thread to read, A+

    Originally Posted by Therivercost View Post

    I should probably save some money until I can get into the no limit game

    this is correct. then when you go broke it will actually mean something, and you'll get better hooray!
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  14. try to wait for those top ten hands and have these aggressive guys fall right into your limp-trap
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  15. That's exactly what I tried to do, I got out flopped every time. In the 3/6 limit game, it's hard to raise someone off their hand pre flop. People are calling bets with 8 2 off suit. In the long run I think that it works out, but I had a pretty bad session.

    I like limping in with big hands, I've seen some of the pro's do that, so I thought I would give it an attempt. In 2009, I was playing a lot of no limit hold em, $200 buy in $4 blinds. Here are some hands that I have been in.

    I limp in first position with pocket Queens, six people call. The flop is Qs 6h 10s, I lead out and bet $5 and like 5 people call. The tun is 3c, I bet $10 and someone raises to $30, I re raise to $100 and the guy shoves and I call, he has 6 3 off suit, and I won a huge pot.

    I have pocket Kings, and I limp in for $4 3 people call and then some one raises to $15, I re raise to $55 and one guy calls. The flop is Qs 9h 4c, I bet $25 and the guy calls. The turn is 7c and I bet $60, the guy calls. The river is 10s and I bet $45 and the guy puts in the rest of his money, he has pocket 5's.

    I limp in with pocket Kings again, 2 callers, the flop is Jc 4s 7c $20 bet called in two spots. The turn is 8s and the guy in first position goes all in for about $110. I sit and think for about 45 seconds, thinking the guy has J 8, maybe 5 6 off suit or even maybe the 5 7 of spades. I reluctantly call and the guy turns over King Jack. The river was 4d, that was a tough call.

    So one night I bought into the NL game for $100 and about 15 minutes in, I get pocket Kings, I limp in for $4. Someone bets it to $12, I re raise to $50 and two people call. The flop is Ah 10d 2d and I fold my hand after a check and someone bets $25 and then someone re raises it to $50. The turn is Qs and someone goes all in for $125 and the other guy calls river is 8s and a guy turns over A Q diamonds and the other guy shows 10 2 of hearts.

    This is one of my favorite hands that I have played. I have pocket sevens first to act and I limp in for $4 2 people call and then someone raises to $12 in position. One person calls and it is my turn to act and I re raise to $100, original raiser calls and every one else folds. The flop is Kh 4c 5h, I check and he checks back. The turn is 6h, I check, he leads out and bets $80, I put him on A Q off suit with the Ace of hearts, so I call $80 bet. The river is Kc, I look at him and I put him all in for $120, he folds.

    When I have implemented the limp with big hand strategy, it has worked pretty good, at least in no limit. The 3/6 limit game is a different game as we all know. I think that in the long run, playing big hands conservatively to re raise at a later time eventually will work out.
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  16. So I play poker on cake poker, I am TheRiverCost. I played a free roll on Thursday night 9:20 pm, I got 3rd out of 807. I win a $3.30 seat for a chance to win 10 guaranteed seats into a $33 buy in tournament, I am thinking it has a $5,000 prize pool. There are 10 seats and there are 110 players in the tournament. I end up winning a seat. So I look at the seat that I won, and it does not have a prize pool, it has a ticket to a live tournament in London. So I am pretty bummed out about that, after winning two free rolls, I was hoping to have a chance to play for some cash. There are 49 players currently registered.
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  17. If I got anything out of this thread it's that you are bad at poker. Really bad at poker.
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  18. If you want to make any legitimate money in poker you have to play no limit. Do not keep playing 3/6 limit anymore. Once you have a free $100.00 go to the casino and short stack 1/2. Play super nitty and tight and see how you do. Keep taking $100 shots as needed until you go on a heater. Continue to contribute to your bankroll in 20, 50, or 100 chunks from your job income until you get a roll going. Read poker books and spend considerable time discussing strategy here, 2+2.com, and other poker sites. And FFS, keep your rambling to a minimum and discuss legitimate poker strategy. You seem immune to taking others' advice.
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  19. I don't know y you guys are talking down to OP. You are the people that ruin internet forums!! Do you even play poker? Lol Keep grinding OP the donks can't suk out on you forever bro
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    Originally Posted by Therivercost View Post


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  21. You are not playing anywhere close to correct.

    Learn pot odds. You are folding too much preflop and postflop (although preflop is less of a leak until you learn poker better), and not raising and betting enough. Basically the perfect recipe for being the least likely to ever be able to book a win. When you have the best hand, make them pay to draw out on you, don't just assume it is a forgone conclusion you are going to lose by the river if you don't flop a set.

    The only real advice I can give you that may actually give you a chance to not be godawful at this game is read this book (its on limit hold'em):

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  22. I thought the op was a level but it clearly is not. There may not be anyone in the world who could beat 3/6 limit for a respectable living. The fact that your probably one of the worst players at a typical 3/6 game should tell u something. You should read a few books and try to learn most of the basics, you're playing terribly
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    Originally Posted by Hank H1LL View Post

    I don't know y you guys are talking down to OP. You are the people that ruin internet forums!! Do you even play poker? Lol Keep grinding OP the donks can't suk out on you forever bro

    Please stop encouraging this insanity.
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  24. don't bash the guy, he's clearly trying to learn..

    first you gotta accept that you aren't/will not make a living from playing poker, let alone a potential raketrap of a 3/6 limit game in a casino.
    you simply aren't good enough, and won't be for at least a couple more years if you even last that long.

    second, don't play 3/6 limit without the ability to play 8+ tables at once and a solid rakeback deal.
    and if you do don't make threads like this, people will make fun of you (rightfully so)

    in reality poker books don't help anyone 99% of the time, but i'd suggest the poker mindset and the theory of poker. other then that just play A LOT without any sort of study/forums etc until at least 2013 and see how you feel
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  25. 3/6 limit is definitely a beatable game, but not the way youre playing. Limping with big hands is a huge leak. If you're waiting to make hands, you will lose in the long run. Limit is such a hilarious game, and yes you'll get stomped by 82o on the regular, but you have to make these idiots pay to play. Passive limit poker is a losing style, no way around it. Read some books on limit holdem, and buy in for bigger than 60 bucks. If youre counting 3 dollar losses, poker probably isnt for you.

    And most importantly, dont try and make a living playing 3/6 limit.
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  26. 3/6 limit? Do you live in Florida?

    And basically everything has already been covered.
    If you are playing to make a living only for a winning session in 3/6 it's gonna be really hard due to rake.
    You need to adjust your game before you play again.
    Save big bets if you don't have the type of hand that has correct odds.
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  27. For those of you who think I am a bad poker player that is your opinion and you are entitled to that. I am telling you that I have been playing poker for more than five years and I cashed out $500 on cake poker and I have played the 2/4 NL game at the casino and have won over $1,100 in one session and also multiple $300 wins in various games. I recently placed 3rd out of 807 people in a free roll and then got 10th out of 110. I am aware of how to play the game. I have been experiencing a consistent losing streak, and am trying to find a way to improve. I wouldn't call it nonsense but you are entitled to your own views. I know some of you have a hard time reading longer posts. It is the real life exploits of some one trying his hand at low limit poker to make a better living and this is how it's going right now.

    I like the advice of reading a book by David Sklansky, he is one of the better poker minds that there are and is a very intelligent player. I have read How to beat Low Limit Poker by Tom Mcevoy. I can tell you for certain that I am not the worst player at the 3/6 table, I pulled just under $400 a month an a half ago and it took me 15 hours to do it and I only re bought once. The hands have been really dry lately. How many of you are professionals? It's just not as simple as some people would like it to be. I know I am not the worst player at the table but I could use some good luck though.
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  28. I know quite a few cash players don't like tournament play, and I am a little biased, as I am mainly a tournament player. But...if you have a small bankroll or are playing out of your pocket, one of the advantages of freezout tournaments is everyone has a limited bankroll. Everyone is limited to the original buy in. That levels the playing field if you feel pressure about the money.

    If you play cash, I would suggest PL Omaha as a good alternative to holdem. It's the main cash game I now play. I have spoken to a number of pros, and quite often the one game they don't like is holdem. They prefer hi/lo stud or omaha games, in fact anything where they have an edge. Omaha high is a flop game. If you don't have the best hand or best draw with favourable pot odds or implied odds, then get out. You will often be paid by second best hands, but don't get caught yourself drawing to rubbish. If pros prefer these games to holdem, that tells you something. I'm not saying all pros prefer omaha, but quite a few now play only omaha, or dealer's choice.

    Good luck. Limit holdem with a high rake on a limited bankroll is imo not a good idea.
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  29. I finally got a chance to go back to the casino, after a 2 week hiatus. I started slow, I bought in for $100 and before I knew it, was down to about $50. I picked up a 9 high suited, and had position, so I decided to use it. I raised and 3 people called. Flop came 8h 6d Qd everyone checked around and I bet, 2 people called. Turn card King of spades checked around I bet 2 people called. River card 4h, checked around I bet person to my left folds, must have missed a flush draw, the guy to my right thinks for about 15 seconds and I am really hoping to win the pot, he reluctantly folds and I won about a $70 pot with nothing.

    Some of the other hands to highlight the session. I had King 5 of spades in early position, normally a fold but at that point I had a nice stack of about $125 and wanted to see a flop 4 callers, flop 5c 5h 4d I bet and get 2 callers turn Queen of spades one fold and river is 3c. I won about $40 pot and the guy flips over pocket aces and gets them cracked, people seem to enjoy that, the casino where I play pays $100 for aces cracked on the week days.

    I got pocket aces in the big blind and made a raise just in case I win the pot flop 9h 10c 4d turn 8c I lead out and bet and someone raises and I know my aces are getting cracked, river is 5h and I check and the guy bets and I call and he turns over 6 7 and I get $100.

    Towards the end of the night I played aggressively with hands that were marginal, to try and win some more pots and my money dwindled down. I had to use the $100 from getting cracked aces to re buy. Before I knew it I was down to $50. At that point I was really feeling bad. So I picked up 7 5 diamonds on the button and decided to raise. The flop was Qh 7h 9s turn 7c and I feel a little better. River 9c and after sweating weather or not anybody had a 9 I won a nice pot and got back to $110.

    I won about a couple more small pots in position to get up to about $150 and I picked up pocket jacks in early position. 5 callers and the flop is Jd 10s Ad one person folds and turn card 10c I bet and someone raised and one person called and I re raised. River 8d and I bet and got 2 calls won like an $80 dollar pot.

    The next hand I got Jack nine off suit, the flop 8h 10c 7d only one other person is in the pot but it's nice to flop the nuts.

    I cashed out for $235 and had a nice session and am going to try to go back again soon.
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  30. How much was your BR when you bought in for $100? That is only 15 Big Bets in a limit game. On any given hand of 3/6 you can bet up to $72 so every hand you start playing with you should have at least that in front of you to maximize your value. The worst feeling you can have (other then busting) is having the stone cold nuts and not getting max value since you only have $50 to start the hand. Rebuy up to atleast 80 whenever you go below and you will make more money! At the same time im not saying you should play this game I will again state they take $45 off the table every 9 hands they deal you simply can't make money playing in this game for the long haul!
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