1. Hey guys,

    New to PocketFives, but I've been playing for a while.

    Just curious what you all would consider a necessity.

    This could be books, apps, just whatever.

    (Although I am also specifically looking for an app to start tracking my live cash and tournament play if you have any suggestions.)

    Looking forward to the conversation.

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  2. I use the RunGood Poker App for live tracking. There are many others that are similar, but I like the multicurrency functionality.
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  3. Training site membership, a HUD (although obviously only if you are playing live - I use PokerTracker4) and some software along the lines of PIOSolver, Flopzilla, etc.
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  4. Clear goals and a plan for achieving them, a poker schedule solid study habits with a plan on how to improve. good work life balance humility and tenacity
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