Proper Home Game Payout Structure
  1. I host a monthly home game with co workers. We usually play a single table (7-10 players) SnG. Normally, we pay the top 3 players when we have a full 10, or just the top two players with less than 10 players. When paying the top 3, I normally do the 50/30/20 percentage structure.

    Now, sometimes, on rare occasion, I'll get 2 tables, around 13-16 players. I like to add one more payout spot when this happens, to pay the top 4. Last time this happened, the percentages were decided to be 40/30/20/10.

    Is this a good payout structure for the amount of players? I like it to be somewhat top heavy, that way people arent just playing to cash.

    Any thoughts and advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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  2. What is "proper" is really going to depend on what the guys in your game like and how it impacts the enjoyment of the game. Usually when our home game gets a second table we give 4th place their buyin back and then split the remaining 50/30/20. Options are really endless though.
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  3. If you pay more people you will keep people coming to your game . People always say they don't want to min cash . Imo they would rather min cash then not cash. When you make it top heavy only one or two are happy. If you like two tables of players pay more people, but definitely ask the players. I'm guessing this isnt a room full of pros, which means they don't want it top heavy. They like poker and want t o have fun.
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