A question about WSOP events.
  1. Does Anyone know that two events?

    1. A event which almost 50% of players can wain the money
    2. A event which is a very slow event, the blind does not go up.
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  2. 1) Most events pay out at 15%. There was an event in 2015 where 50% of the field got paid, but this isn't the norm.

    2) Cash games might be a better path for you. Typical WSOP tournaments have slow blind structures with some slower than others. They all increase it just a matter of how fast or slow.
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  3. Thanks for answer.

    I remember once there was a WSOP event which the blind does not go up.

    It is true, I am good at cash game. I can play all night with only one BI.
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  4. There was an Ante Up event one year where only the antes increased.
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  5. Playing all night with one buyin isn't the way to look at it. Focus on making the most profitable plays and in the long run you will be fine.

    If you only can afford one bullet perhaps you need to play a lower buyin game where you can take risks in order win.
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