I'm looking to sell off 50-70% of my action at 1.25 markup for the series. I'm willing to sell as small as 5% packages individually, given that if there's not enough interest we may have to scale back the schedule. I've been playing poker a little over 10 years with the focus being solely on tournaments for the last 3 years.

$1,094 for 5%. Please feel free to reply with any questions or thoughts you may have. I really want to win some money for us.

Below is the schedule I'd like to play.

#5 $565 Colossus x2
#20 $1500 Milli maker
#43 $1500 Shootout
#47 $1500 Monster Stack
#60 $888 Crazy Eights
#71 $1000 Online
#73 $10000 ME

Total: $17518

Stats below:


And I spent some time in New Jersey.

Thank you,