1. Hello Fivers, I am currently seeking a stake for tomorrow's Sunday Funday on WPN. (considering there have been no DDOS attacks, and been running smooth past week)

    I am looking for a 30/70 no make up. (you get 70%)

    The MTTS I am currently interested in are...

    MOSS #1 - 5.50$ 20k

    MOSS #2 - 22$ 60k
    MOSS #3 - 55$ 150k

    MOSS #41 -22$ 100k
    MOSS #42 - 88$ 300k (MAIN EVENT)

    The total is $192.50

    Can Either play on ACR/BCP. Funds will be sent immediately after MTT has finished.

    Thanks for any interest and good luck tomorrow everyone!

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  2. Everything is sold except MOSS #3 - 55$ 150k, and MOSS #42 - 88$ 300k (MAIN EVENT)

    Still open.
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  3. ACTION SOLD! You can now close this post MOD.
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