1. staked brett aka Bmilley27 for 18 months to 2 years on staking101,everything was fine never had any problems, he was a nice kid,then about 2 months ago he started a full time job so we were going to end stake with him owing $1450,we spoke on skype and I said ok just send me $$ back when you can I'm in no rush. heres the strange part,he then blocks everyone in our group of friends on all social medias. He hasn't played on stars for over 2 months,but just noticed he played 1 mtt on sunday. thing is it was so out of character everyone is pretty much gobsmacked by him doing it.never wanted to post this on here,but feel hes had enough time to man up at least some contact on skype.
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  2. Hope Brett makes things right. Didn't think I would see this about him and hope he works out some payment plan with you.
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  3. I believe Brett may show up after the party n pay his debt, but who knows sorry to see this tony, and good luck all.
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